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Bring as much presence to the moment that you can. Be Present Moment Awareness, which is not being IN the moment but being the moment itself. Lose yourself in it, as it. This will liberate you from the suffering of your thoughts and their consequent manifestations. Your presence is your attention, your intelligence. Your Awareness is the body or heart of that intelligence, that is felt rather than thought. Together they are your sense of I am-ness. Your heartfelt complete attention. This is what you, as Presence (conscious mind), bring to the moment, as the moment (Subconscious/Soul Being Spirit).

This means taking a step back from your thoughts and the unnatural feelings that rise in response to them. It means watching or witnessing them as opposed to being IN them. This is apperceiving over perceiving. This means witnessing rather than judging. We do this to create a 'conscious' gap between thought (judgment) and our awareness (witness or body) of thought that in turn teaches us to disidentify with our thoughts and their consequent emotions that rise in response, while in the same breath, identifying first with the personal awareness of the subconscious that is ever-present,, and then the impersonal awareness of true and eternal Soul, which is also the awareness of the moment itself, directed by our true and eternal Presence as Spirit. The totality of the moment is the vessel for Soul that is the expression of Spirit. Bear in mind, everyone's subconscious collectively IS the Present Moment for all is Mind and there is in truth, only One Mind, like there is only one Soul being Spirit. This is the Law of Oneness.

Apperceiving means being the witness of said thoughts rather than being caught up in them. We apperceive from the awareness of our heart (subconscious) instead of perceiving from the Conscious Mind aka thought. The conscious mind rolls out of the subconscious like a wave does from the ocean. The conscious mind aka thought, should not, that is if it is to maintain its true and natural state of 'being 'that embodies its Incarnate Soul while aligning it with its true Self multidimensionally. It should stay in the heart (subconscious awareness), where together, they form a channel, - the right mind (Christ/Zen Mind), allowing one to be led by the impersonal love and intelligence of Soul being Spirit.

"The excellence of the practice (meditation) is not giving room for even a single mental concept - Sri Ramana Maharshi

This is opposed to the conscious mind aka thought, taking the lead by taking and/or following after thought which causes it - one's Presence to rise out of its Temple, which cuts it off from its Source or true Self. In doing so we become Spiritually blind. The Inner I shuts when thinking and opens when Being. When we are cut off from our Source like a branch from the vine, we cause ourselves to fall into an egoic mindset that in turn causes unnatural emotions to rise and defile our subconscious Temple that is always in all ways present in and as the Now. They are called unnatural emotions as they originate from a mind outside the Temple, outside the heart's present moment-ness, as opposed to being within the heart in which the two minds work together as One to channel the true Self: Spirit/Soul (Cause) being the Son (Effect). The Channel or Son IS the Incarnate Mind-soul which is the vessel of Spirit. It is the link between the physical and the Spiritual.

It is clear to see then that our way back home is through apperception rather than perception. We apperceive from our subconscious awareness initially. Though still personal, in time this personal awareness, when coupled with our conscious presence (thought), will expand into the true and impersonal Awareness of the true Self: Soul being Spirit. When eventually we learn to keep the conscious mind (thought) still and quiescent in our heart - our subconscious awareness that is ever present in and of the moment. As already outlined, the conscious and subconscious minds come together to form a channel that intuit one's true and impersonal Self: Spirit expressed as Soul aka Present moment Awareness. In this manner we experience ourselves as the totality of Life living itself.

Until the conscious and subconscious minds align as one, they will not know their Incarnate Mind-Soul (small I am), aka Incarnate Conscious Awareness, which in turn is the vessel for one's true Self: Spirit (I) Soul (Am). They will be in effect, empty vessels. When all 3 aspects of our being align with one another multidimensionally we are said to be under Grace. We are the flow flowing.

This is the meaning behind Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

When our conscious and subconscious minds come together as one, [1] they channel the Christ or Zen mind, (Being at whatever level of Conscious Awareness it is at) [2] which is embodied and directed by the true self - Spirit (I) being Soul (Am) [3].

The subconscious (am) and the conscious mind (I) that rolls out of the subconscious awareness in thought when we are born, is considered to be the vessel of our Incarnate Soul, which is Consciousness (I) being Awareness (Am). This is the small (personal) I am which is the vessel for our true Self, our true I AM (Impersonal), which is Spirit (I) being Soul (AM). Again, to make clear, the mind/body is the vessel for our Incarnate Soul which in turn is the vessel for the true Self which is Soul (Am) being Spirit (I). I AM that I am.

When we pass-over and are freed from our egoic mindset upon either Realization or death, we still maintain a personal vehicle which we call the Incarnate Mind-Soul. This is Consciousness (I) being Awareness (am) that is, as I have already stated a vessel of the true Self as Cause: Spirit being Soul. Therefore, we are still in the realms of ‘effect' aka form. However, it is a form that is too light and evanescent for the rudimentary senses of this realm to grasp or detect. Moreover, our Incarnate Mind-Soul upon death/Realization, experiences and/or takes nothing with it but its increased awareness (love) and Consciousness (Intelligence or light) from this and other lifetimes. All that is not true (illusion) is left behind. Each Incarnate Mind-Soul is at a different level of Conscious (I) Awareness (Am) within its own rise and fall from and into the One true Self. Therefore, the Christ or Zen mind, in its purity is expressed in different ways and at different levels of being for everyone, depending on their level of Consciousness.

When we die, our Incarnate Mind-Soul gravitates to or rather embodies, whatever realm it resonates with the most within the Son or Christ/Zen Mind. There we meet what is often referred to as our Soul family. From what I understand, there are seven realms within the One Christ/Zen mind that have withing them, 12 realms that the Incarnate Soul evolves through and as. All realms and beingness, is in truth are an expression of the One being many. Put another way, we differentiate the undifferentiated.

Awareness is another word for Soul like Consciousness is another word for Spirit. When we are consciously present in our awareness subconsciously, which is personal, it is only a matter of time before we consciously expand in that Awareness, and merge with the Soul being Spirit in which the true Self, the true I Am is realized. To reiterate, when we are as the conscious mind aka thought present in the awareness of our subconscious, actively apperceiving, we are what is called, being Present Moment Awareness. We are in the Presence of the Moment.

Being fully present within the moment means allowing all one's conscious attention, (thought) and subconscious awareness (feeling) to join together in an alert and heartfelt awareness, otherwise known as meditation. In this way we have one foot in the Spiritual and one in the physical. The mind is both focused on waiting for instruction intuitively while experiencing the moment happening with one's senses. In meditation we ARE Present Moment Awareness. The conscious mind is present in and of Soul being Spirit while being subconsciously aware of being the moment. All is aligned and working together as One. In this manner One is being the reality of the moment rather than being in the illusion of thought that always sits outside the moment being IN it as opposed to being it. Bearing in mind that whatever we give attention or our presence to, we give life too. We do not want to give life to illusion by sitting in our thoughts. We want to give life to our true Self that is Soul aka the Now and experienced as inspiration, intuition, instinct, synchronicity, and serendipity.

Spirit speaks to us through intuition and the Soul through instinct, serendipity, and synchronicity. Often both come to us as a knowing or a faith in that we know exactly what to do, say, be, or think in any given moment. It comes as a knowing or a faith due to the fact that it comes from Spirit being Soul that is all knowing, that is omniscient. Naturally then the voice of Spirit will be experienced as a 'knowing' which is completely different to knowledge. Knowledge is born of the mental realm, through the rising of thought outside the temple of the Living Now. Knowing is born of the Spiritual realms and comes to us in silent intuition and the movement of Soul - the Soul being the Present Moment which speaks to us as synchronicity and serendipity.

For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith. - Romans 1:17

~ Tracy Pierce

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