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We must bring our consciousness as mind aka thought to our subconscious awareness aka the heart, that is the Awareness of the present moment. Together the subconscious and present moment are the fullness of Soul. This is the path of heart which every metaphysical teacher and guru speak so much about. Together the two minds - the intellect and the heart form a channel through which intuition is experienced. It is called the path of the heart as the emotional body sits within the subconscious. Therefore, in order to stay in the moment, which requires not becoming lost in your thoughts, one must feel the moment - one must love the present moment. If you do not train yourself to love it you will not stay in it long. The conscious mind only goes where love is to be found. It is always seeking to fulfil itself through love.

To love in this manner, your emotional body must be free to love and not caught up in its own pain. Therefore, true love starts with the love of Self. which then extends to the love of others in the present moment. Love is the movement of life. Love is Awareness (Soul) and Awareness is the activity of Consciousness which is our intelligence both of mind and Spirit. Until your emotional body is healed, and you are conscious of being Awareness (Soul) you will not be able to truly love for you do not know consciously what true love feels like. You cannot give someone something you do not have. This is why it is good to start with the self before you give love away to others. Human love and true love are completely different things. People often equate love with wanting but love wants for nothing.

Therefore, love your way to awakening. Meditate (BE) present 'consciously' within the heart (subconscious/present moment) not the mind. Do not become lost in thought. Let your sense of presence and being come from the chest not the head. Let it emanate outwards with no expectation or conditions. Love simply for loves sake only.

~ Tracy Pierce

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