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Here Rumi speaks of the Divine as he would a lover. He wants to be with the Divine so much that nothing can pull him away from the moment, which he knows is the only place one can realize his true love - his true Self.

One has to want realization more than they have ever wanted anything in their life. Only when all identification with Form is lost can identification with Spirit be borne.

The practice of Being in the moment is what accomplishes the embodiment of this impersonal sense of Self needed for Self-Realization. Imagine Being rather than thinking in the moment right now so you understand exactly what I am saying. Imagine being in the moment - just being Aware, without thinking or without judging or expecting anything. Once you decide that you will not care what happens on this day, you will be surprised how quiet the mind gets. A lot of the minds noise is dedicated to ensuring life goes exactly how we want it , then acting up when nothing goes to plan. When we do not care what happens - the mind is almost redundant.

As the Mind dies from starvation (Thoughts die from lack of attention), the Soul comes to life in the light bestowed by Mind .A mind that used to leave the Soul in darkness while it rose out of the Temple, into thought as Ego.

The longer you can stay in the moment, the deeper your Consciousness and Awareness gets. Your sense of I am-ness will feel fuller, deeper, stronger. You will start noticing synchronicities and serendipitous moments that border on being almost magical. You will notice your intuition is more on point than normal as well as possibly developing spiritual gifts you never knew you had until now. You will listen to metaphysical tapes that now make sense, after previously being difficult to comprehend. You will know things without knowing how you know them. You get your first glimpse of home.

~ Tracy Pierce

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