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"The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body" ~ Gabrielle Roth

Fear otherwise known as False Evidence Appearing Real is a fabrication of the egoic mind and the reason you cannot truly see or be yourself. Fear - false evidence is a product of false images - thoughts your egoic mind creates in ignorance. False images (Thoughts) are created by a mind that is ignorant of, therefore, cut off from itself as Spirit. This means life is lived and created at the level of mind, which is dual, limited and misaligned with all other aspects of life both within and without. False images birth false manifestations such as lack, poverty, disease, war etc. Your 'Self' is not the mind, it is not thought, or the product of such thoughts. Your true Self it is not a body any more than the shoes you are wearing, or the car you are driving. You are not the conscious mind, though the conscious mind is yours. You are the Spiritual-Consciousness that formed the mind, and which can reform it anytime it likes so long as one's mind is stayed on thee. So long as Mind-Consciousness is conscious of Spiritual-Consciousness. The mind cannot think what it does not know and if it does not know itself Spiritually, then to all intent and purposes it is like a branch cut off from the vine, fated to suffer its own ignorance and lack.

You are Spiritual-Consciousness expressing itself through and as Mind-Consciousness which is always in always temporary hence why the mind/body is called a Temple for Spirit. The realization of this truth begins with the conscious mind (That which we think with) being held deep within the subconscious (That which we feel with) which is the door to the superconscious - our true Self as Spirit. The subconscious Aka Human Soul sits in the womb of the One true Soul which is the pure activity of the One true Self. To reiterate, Spiritual Consciousness flows through and as the One true Soul, as well as the Human Soul that sits in the womb One true Soul. The love and light that flows through the Subconscious is witnessed by the Conscious Mind that sits as one with the Subconscious in a meditative state of Being receptive to this intuition - tuition from within. However, the Subconscious has not been purified, it will filter this love and light, often destroying, delaying, and diminishing the demonstration of Spirit as it flows through the mind. Moreover, the unrest of the Subconscious Aka Human Soul will cause the Conscious Mind to rise out of it, using the five senses to look for peace in the outer world where of course it can never find it.

Therefore, we must ensure to hold a meditative mind that is always conscious of being Spirit, so that Spirit can flow through the Mind unobstructed, firstly to heal the mind and then to use it as an instrument. This is done by accepting and being in the moment as deeply as possible, which of course requires we live by Faith (Intuition) rather than taking thought (Thinking). We must learn to operate at a different level of Being, and we do, after we suffer ourselves enough.

Egoic thoughts and feelings cloud the mind like clouds do with the sun. Nothing grows (becomes conscious) without the sun's rays shining down on them. Nor the rain. Sometimes we have to get a little wet from our own tears of suffering a mind cut off from itself Spiritually. Therefore, be conscious that is takes both the sun and rain for the flower you are to blossom. Accept the sunshine. Accept the rain without regret or remorse. Dance when it is time to dance and be still in the comfort of stillness when it is not. Consciously follow the light of Awareness that is your sun in each and every moment. Truth be told you are following it now, albeit unconsciously. Let the sun shine down on your mind without clouding it with thoughts taken from a mind ignorant of itself as Spirit. When fear leaves you, when the clouds (Thoughts) dissipate due to the light & warmth of the sun, you are left perfectly your Self again. You never had to become anything, you just had to stop being what you are not. Nothing mental or physical can disturb your true Being, your true Self. I know this is cold comfort to the ego that still identifies with form, however it is the truth, nonetheless. There is nothing to fear but your thoughts. Give them up and see for yourself

~ Love Tracy

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