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If our interest is in everything out there in the world of appearances, we will have no interest in knowing Thy Self beyond form. It is very difficult to feign an interest in something you have no interest in as you know well. Therefore, if you are interested in what is Spiritual over what is mental or physical, it would be fair to say you have been called home to Thy Self. This being said, if you have an interest beyond the mental and physical then this post is for you.

In order to be liberated from the illusion of mind, the mind must be stilled through meditation and mindfulness. Added to this the Subconscious must be purified of its latent tendencies that are full of karma and desire. Desire is the absence of Love or Soul depending on your choice of words. Until Mind is stilled Spiritual Consciousness will continue to confuse itself with Mind Consciousness which is a fatal and limiting error. Furthermore, until Mind Consciousness has been purged of its Egoic filters found in the Subconscious (5 Sheaths) the pure light of Spirit that upholds mind/body will be distorted, diluted and dysfunctional as it flows though Mind, giving rise to all kinds of dis-ease within the body and the body of the world.

One cannot master the mind as mind. One thought cannot control another thought for long. Ask any addict. Therefore, we must come to know ‘Thy Self' as Spiritual Consciousness beyond Mind Consciousness. Spirit is the master and creator of mind. Soul is the avenue through which Spirit works. Soul is Awareness. Awareness is the activity of Consciousness or put another way, Soul (Am) is the movement of Spirit (I). We must become conscious of ourselves as Awareness (Soul), rather than giving our attention or Presence to thoughts conjured up by a mind cut off from its Truth, its Source as Spirit.

Apperception is the beginning means to do this. Apperception living from the body of Awareness that constitutes the Subconscious rather than Consciousness Mind. This leads to meditation/Mindfulness. Apperception allows the Subconscious to live our life for us while we keep our attention as the Conscious Mind focused on listening to that still small voice that intuitively guides us through life. In this manner the Conscious and Subconscious Minds work together as One for and as Spirit.

The Subconscious (Human Soul) Aka the 5 sheaths that constitute Mind/body, if purged of its Egoic filters, gives rise to the purity of Soul as the Subconscious is directly directed by our Spiritual Consciousness at Brahman (God or true Self) living through Atman (Christ or Buddha) so long as we do not 'take thought' as Mind. The Conscious Mind (That which we think with) is merely there to witness and reveal the beauty of the Self. It is not there to think think think in the creation of life. The Mind is not meant to create life, it is meant to reveal life as Spirit, through its stillness of Being.

Understand clearly that Spiritual Presence cannot abide in you if you as Mind Consciousness are not abiding in it. Spiritual Consciousness is Still. Mind Consciousness is active. You can see the dilemma? Therefore, be still and know that 'I am".

This means witnessing, as Consciousness, the present moment without taking thought for it for every thought is a judgment and every judgment causes consciousness to rise outside its own body of Awareness while at the same time defiling its Temple and resisting the Life your true Self as Spirit is trying to live through it. This means being in the moment without expectation of any kind. Expectations are of the ego - they are projections about the Now, created by Mind Consciousness unconscious of itself as Spiritual Consciousness. The more one's nature melts into nature, the more nature works for us. Nature is the natural unimpeded Light of Spirit working though a purified Mind without the Conscious Mind distorting it by defiling the Temple with Egoic thoughts.

When Spirit moves through our Being unimpeded, the more we will experience synchronicity and serendipity as Spirit moves all creatures great and small. The whole when present in the Presence of Spirit works as One. Therefore, keep the mind quiet as Intuition which cannot be heard with a room full of talking people aka thoughts. Remember one's true Soul is the present moment of all you are conscious of, including what you perceive to be the souls of other people, animals etc. The subconscious is not your Soul. You only think it is because it is the only part of the Soul you are conscious of. Once you are realized - everything on earth will be known as your Soul. This is why when we are fully realized, which by the way, is a very rare occurrence at this point in evolution, we have dominion over all things.

Once the Subconscious (5 sheaths) have been purified and aligned as One, one can use the Conscious mind to think because one is no longer apart from life but a part of Life, therefore there is no such thing as personal thoughts anymore. There is only Spirit thinking through you. The purpose of Life then is to Be...

"The way to do is to be" - Lao Tzu

~ Love Tracy

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