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The conscious mind, which is our inner I, or our I am-ness has no consciousness of either the Subconscious or the Super conscious realms. The only thing it is conscious of is itself, its body, and the body of the world. In other words, we are not conscious of being the Awareness of the Subconscious (Human Soul) nor the Superconscious, which by the way, is access through the Subconscious. The Super-Conscious constitutes the true Awareness (Soul/Shatki) which is the activity of Spiritual Consciousness that is eternally and infinitely our true Self. Therefore, the thoughts and feelings you have are self-generated. Conjured by Mind-Consciousness, not Spiritual-Consciousness. They are not inspired intuitively at all. They come from the mental realm, not the Spiritual. The egoic mind is completely disconnected to ninety five percent of its awareness as the subconscious, as well blind to the Spiritual realm from which one is guided intuitively & instinctively. Ironically the conscious mind is barely conscious at all.

The Conscious and Subconscious Minds give life to whatever they are consciously (I) aware (Am) of. In other words, whatever you believe is true, will be manifested physically. The Conscious Mind rolls out of the Subconscious like a wave, thinking about all that the Subconscious holds within itself, as well as what has been manifested by the Subconscious in the physical world. The Subconscious Aka Human Soul is responsible for all manifestation. It is important to note at this stage that the Subconscious gives life to more than what the Conscious Mind (Our thinking Mind) is conscious of. It also gives life too unconscious aspects of our Beingness that have been carried over from previous lives such as certain Vasana's that are to be addressed in this lifetime. Understand the Subconscious is upheld by true I - the true Self as Atman being Brahman (I-I) that is ever the silent Witness. Atman Aka Christ or Buddha turned inwards is the true Self. Turned outwards it is the Ego and the world.

It is important to note that it is through the Subconscious that intuition from and as the true self is received, therefore, it is imperative that the Conscious Mind which we use to think with, remain still and present within the Subconscious aka Human Soul in order to receive its daily bread (True thought or true images).

One must hold a mediative being mind for a number of reasons. The Ego cannot live long if the thinking mind is stilled from defiling the Subconscious Aka Human Soul. Moreover, while we give our conscious attention to our own self-generated thoughts, we are absent in our Awareness of the Human Soul aka the Present moment (Subconscious). If we give our attention or consciousness to the Soul or Present Moment, then our minds are still and not thinking. Rather we are being. We cannot be in two places at once as the Conscious Mind. We cannot be in our thoughts and the present moment at the same time. This is why the bible says to eat only unleavened bread - bread being thought. Unleavened bread is bread inspired by the true Self. Leavened bread is thought taken from a mind that has risen out of its Temple - thoughts that are generated from Mind-Consciousness rather than Spiritual Consciousness.

“You shall eat nothing leavened; in all your dwelling places you shall eat unleavened bread.” - Exodus 12:14

Unfortunately, as already stipulated, the Conscious Mind is not conscious of anything that the 5 senses cannot attest too. It still relies on the indirect knowledge of the outer world rather than being used as an instrument for direct knowledge from and as the true 'Self'. The conscious mind mistakes its own consciousness for the Awareness of Soul which constitutes the Present Moment. Mind-Consciousness, while separated from Spiritual Consciousness lives in - is present in, its ideas about its body and the body of the world rather than actually living in the reality of either. In other words, it rises in its own consciousness instead of Awareness.

Understand that Awareness (Soul) is the activity of Consciousness both Spiritually and mentally. This means that the Awareness of the Subconscious is the collective activity of the Consciousness of Mind. Likewise, the Awareness of the true Soul (Shatki) is the activity of Spiritual Consciousness (Brahman).

One of the greatest delusions of the thinking mind is imagining there is a thinker behind all the thoughts that spring from the Conscious Mind. There is not. There is just the one mind dividing itself over and over again. One thought merging into another and another and another, deciding from one moment to the next what the next thought will be. There is only mind rising. A mind unconscious of itself as Spirit. There is only reflected unconscious Mind-Consciousness rising, lost in itself. Along the way this unconscious Conscious Mind creates a physical memory of each moment just like a camera, that it stores it in the physical brain and Subconscious, to recall at a moment’s notice. And does. In fact, mind creates a whole back story to go with these memories. In doing so we imagine (thereby create) a time sequence we establish in and as mind, where there actually isn't one. Can you see how the illusion of a separate self is building?

Can you see how the Subconscious Mind Aka Human Soul is being defiled with false images created by a mind unconscious of itself as Spirit? Can you see how a false sense of Self - an Ego is being created Subconsciously? Particularly after we add further thoughts to the mind about the future. The Conscious Mind tells us where there is a past there is also future, so we build a story about ourselves with a future too. Before you know it, we are so caught up in these images and their corresponding emotions, we believe we are them. That they are real. But there is nothing real about them as they originated from Mind-Consciousness that is dual and limited, rather than our true Self as Spiritual-Consciousness. We imagine there is a past but there isn't. We imagine there is a future when there isn't. There is only Now minus Egoic thinking. There has always been only now, which the ignorant mind has been making difference images it of that has created an illusion of time and space. It is an illusion! Come out of thought now and behold your true Self in the moment minus the Egos shenanigans. Two thoughts will always cause an illusion of time and space. With one thought time and space disappear.

“Through the present moment, you have access to the power of life itself, that which has traditionally been called "God." As soon as you turn away from it, God ceases to be a reality in your life, and all you are left with is the mental concept of God, which some people believe in and others deny. Even belief in God is only a poor substitute for the living reality of God manifesting every moment of your life”. - Eckhart Tolle

We must let thoughts form in our Mind that is held a ONE THOUGHT. If we hold an inner-stillness Spiritual Consciousness imbues the Subconscious with true images through and as the two Souls - the true Soul (Shatki) and the Human Soul (Buddhi) for the Conscious Mind to witness and give life to. The Conscious Mind when holding an inner stillness within the Subconscious (Human Soul) marries the I of the true Self. This state of mind or rather being is the true Christ or Buddha Mind.

This is opposed to the Egoic Mind, that is ill at ease (Dis-eased) as the Human Soul, causing the Conscious Mind to rise out of its Temple in false images, creating and sustaining illusion that is played out in the physical. These false images (Egoic thoughts) act as a resistance to the true Self flowing through the true Soul and the human Soul Aka Subconscious causing abominations in the physical such as disease, poverty, war etc.

The Now is our point of power because it aligns Mind-Consciousness with Spiritual-Consciousness. By keeping our Conscious Mind in the Present Moment, we unify the Conscious and Subconscious Minds for the Subconscious IS the Present Moment that is upheld by the true Soul which is the activity of the true Self as Brahman. We reveal true creation rather than our idea of it. We should not create reality with mental images born of a lie - of a mind unconscious of itself as Spirit. Such thoughts are false images. They are false because they were not born by the true Self as Spirit.

The only way to stop the mind rising in false images is to purify the Subconscious that causes the Conscious Mind to rise in the process of thinking due to emotional unrest. We purify the Subconscious Mind various ways such as shadow work etc. However, the most effective way is through Present Moment Awareness Aka meditation or Mindfulness. Both these activities keep the Conscious Mind present in the Subconscious where we make conscious what is unconscious through divine reasoning Aka intuitive thought. The Light of Spiritual Consciousness burns away the impurities known as Karmic filled Vasanas within the Subconscious. This leaves the Subconscious free, unfettered, and unfiltered allowing the purity of the true Self to shine upon and as Atman and the projections (mind) of Atman.

~ Love Tracy

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