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You are a Human Being. Not a Human Thinking. This is a very important distinction to make. A distinction to be considered most earnestly if one wishes to spare themselves the suffering associated with egoic living. The Being Mind serves the Spiritual realm and the thinking mind the mental realm. The thinking mind being dual in nature must continually compare and contrast while the Being Mind in its wholeness 'knows', therefore has no need to judge as the thinking mind does and blindly.

The thinking mind in its egoic state personifies itself through the filtration of Spiritual Light. The Subconscious is so heavily filtered with ignorance and false concepts that it distorts the purity of Spiritual Light that keeps Mind-Consciousness alive and moving, and which also contributes to Mind-Consciousness mistaking itself for the true Self as Spiritual-Consciousness.

Let us be clear - Mind Consciousness is not Spiritual Consciousness - it is quite literally a carbon copy. A reflection. I am (True Self) that I am (Reflection). Basically, the Egoic Mind through its own ignorance keeps itself in the dark, therefore, all thoughts that arise from it, are false images. Images (Thoughts) created by a mind cut off from its Source. In order for thought to come to us from the Spiritual realm, which bestows true images, we must hold a purified and meditative mind. A listening, still and quiescent mind.

Remember the Mind does not create life, it reveals it. I am that I am translates to I am Spiritual Consciousness Being Mind Consciousness. The projection of Spiritual Consciousness has mistaken its Consciousness for Mind (Omega) Consciousness rather than Spiritual (Alpha) Consciousness and so the Ego is born and dies over and over again in the play of life.

If our minds are firstly identified with form and secondly, busy creating its own thoughts, we will not know whether thought has been received intuitively from Spiritual Consciousness or if they have been created by Mind Consciousness. We cannot serve two masters at once for the Inner I (Primary I-thought from which all thought is derived and received) cannot be in two rooms at once. It cannot attend via attention Spiritual Consciousness through 'Being' and Mind Consciousness through 'thinking' at the same time.

One's mind must first be purified and tempered before receiving the Holy Ghost aka Intuition for new wine cannot be put into old wine skins least both be spoiled. The Egoic filter must be lost before the purity of Light being the true Self can truly be cognized and realized.

Meditation and mindfulness do this by virtue of bringing to light and cauterizing the karmic Vasana's (Ignorant Core Beliefs), so that they may be healed, as well as by slowing the mind intellectually until eventually it rests in peace within the purified emotional heart of the Subconscious. Bear in mind the Conscious Mind (I) only rises in a stream of thought if one's emotional (Am) body within and as the Subconscious (Human Soul) is ill at ease (Dis-ease). Once the emotional body, which Eckhart Tolle calls the 'pain body' is resting in peace, so too will the Conscious Mind Aka thinking Mind. Consider this - when you are emotionally happy and feeling blissful you will notice you barely think. You are happy to just let life be what it is.

When it says in the bible that Jesus cast out demons, what it is actually meaning is that the the Being (Christ or Buddha) Mind which is meditative allows the Light of the true Self in it that in turn burns away all the impurities such as false beliefs and ignorance.

The thinking mind must come to a stop and rest within the purity and sanctity of one's Subconscious (Human Soul) Aka Temple before we can meet our true and eternal Self.

To conclude and summarize, as you can see, we first become conscious of and heal our own mind's Awareness Subconsciously, in other words our own Soul, before we become Conscious of our true and eternal Awareness of the One Soul which is the true body of Spiritual Consciousness. This is how we become 'conscious of being Awareness' as Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts and Rupert Spira call it. This is how Mind-Consciousness aligns with Spiritual-Consciousness which of course is 'living under Grace'. Alignment is another word for Grace.

~ Love Tracy

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