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In order to be liberated from the illusion created by the egoic state of mind we are all subject too, one has to transcend the personal in favour for the impersonal. Thinking is personal. Being is impersonal, therefore, we must change the way we predominately use our mind from thinking to being. That is not to say we no longer experience a personal sense of Self - we do; however, it is as the Impersonal. We will begin to see the mind and body as an avatar - an instrument or vehicle. A ride of epic proportions, rather than our very existence, which ends when they do.

That which is finite can never realize that which is infinite, therefore the mind must rise above its mental limitations and embrace no mind which basically means mental stillness (non-thinking) whereby the metaphysical mind loses all its self-created limitations and boundaries, which thinking brings. The Consciousness of mind by marinating in its own Presence outside of thinking, begins to mimic the undifferentiated infinity of Awareness aka Soul multidimensionally.

The differentiations of Soul are the seen in the Subconscious being the vessel for the Incarnate Soul and the Present Moment, which is all Subconscious minds put together collectively, for all is Mind in Effect. One's true Soul (Which is the Soul of everyone and thing) is the eternal, unlimited, undifferentiated formless activity, or expression of One's nonconceptual Spiritual Consciousness. Put simply - it is love which is the true expression of pure Intelligence (Spirit). It is the unmanifest I AM. Soul is love. Spirit is Intelligence. It is what the Consciousness of mind as the vessel needs to fall into and lose itself. The heart - love. When it does this it comes to know its true Intelligence as Spirit.

One is described as being liberated from the mind due to the fact most don't realize they are enslaved by it, therefore, until a certain point in their evolution, do not seek to be liberated but live in shackles all their life suffering the duality and limitations of a false sense of Self. These people will defend their prison to the death. A prison they do not realize they are in.

Realization as Awareness comes in waves. Sometimes these waves hit hard, other times they roll out gently upon the beach, lapping at the edges of our Consciousness. Either way every lifetime lived in this dimension, or another allows us to be more conscious of ourselves as Awareness (Soul) on deeper and deeper levels of being.

Keeping the mind in an open-ended single thought of conscious Awareness is how the Infinite aka ourselves as Cause, is experienced. In other words, keep the mind as One thought that is conscious of being Awareness or put another way again - focus on 'I am' all the time. Be conscious of yourself witnessing life. Know yourself as Consciousness being as Awareness bearing in mind Awareness is the Present Moment.

This includes all thoughts and feelings that you will not give your attention to or try to prevent from attracting. Remember thoughts come in two ways; Firstly, one’s Conscious mind rises in creation of thoughts/feelings and secondly one attracts thoughts from the ether that cause us to respond emotionally. These thoughts are made by others and attracted to us the way a radio station does radio waves. Let these thoughts and consequent feelings, be like strangers in the street that pass you by unless they are telling you something important that you want to attend - give attention too, which is hardly ever. Focus all your mind on being Awareness and this will keep your consciousness from rising in a new stream of thought.

Moreover, and this is an important distinction, trust the feeling more than the thought. If a feeling comes to you unbidden by thought, it is thy Spirit reaching out and communicating with you via the one Soul passing through the subconscious - causing the conscious mind to be consciously aware. Note 'Consciously Aware' - not rising in thought. There is a big difference. The difference being the two minds continue to rest as One when one is Consciously Aware, rather than separating as one does when thinking, which causes the Conscious mind to rise out of the Subconscious like a wave does the Sea.

Can you see the difference? The ego rises in thought first causing emotion to rise also. The true Self works indirectly through the subconscious, until realization, causing emotion to rise which inspires an awareness of thought. When the true Self has been realized and the Holy Ghost aka Intuition has filled the Conscious Mind, thought is direct without having to always pass from the Soul/Subconscious.

One must know themselves as undifferentiated Awareness before one can intuit and/or merge with one's true Self. This entails one's conscious mind being Aware of being all differentiations of the Soul such as the Subconscious and the Present Moment. In order to become conscious of being this Awareness the mind must be held in a state of being that merges with the Awareness for Awareness is the essence of meditation aka Being.

~ Tracy Pierce

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