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The reason we want to still the mind through meditation and mindfulness is so that we as the Alpha do not become lost in ourself as the Omega.

Thoughts and feelings are like rocks in a river causing rapids - stirring up mud and obscuring our ability to see a reflection of ourselves, the moon, and the stars.

Our Consciousness as the Alpha (I AM) cannot be seen or reflected in the I am of the Omega if the river is not a tranquil lake.

Try looking at yourself in a still pond, compared to a pond that has been stirred up with activity. We must wait for the mud Aka thoughts and feelings created as the Omega unconscious of itself as the Alpha, to settle before we can recognize ourselves as the Alpha pouring itself into the Omega. Once recognition is had through the stillness of mind, realization of Thy true Self is realized - experienced, beyond the theory of mind.

Through meditation and mindfulness, we realize we are not conscious AS the mind but Conscious OF the mind. This is a huge shift in consciousness that allows us to reidentify with our true and eternal Consciousness beyond the forms of Mind/Body.

Theory is not enough. We must know our true Self through experience. It is not enough to take someone's word for Spiritual truth - you must know Thy self (Impersonal) beyond 'myself' (Person). Thinking is not knowing btw. Thinking is theory - Being or experiencing is theory walking its talk.

Once the Consciousness of the Omega perfectly reflects the Consciousness of the Alpha - the two become One.

I am that I am is your full name

"So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore, what God (True Self as the Alpha [I AM and the Omega [I am]) has joined together, let not man separate.” - Matthew 19:6

~ Love Tracy

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