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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

The journey to one's truth means going inwards, not out there, into the world. It is "Being" "Consciously Aware". It is bringing as much presence (Consciousness) to present moment awareness as you can. Awareness being both the Incarnate Soul and the One Soul. To be fully conscious and aware.

Self-realization is a state of being, not thinking. You cannot think in love, you can only be in love. You cannot think your truth, you must be your truth. You are a human being. Not a human thinking. There is a huge difference between the two states. One is realized and the other egoic.

That is not to say that thinking does not have its place. Of course, it does. We must process this 'knowing' into knowledge, that creates a blueprint for the subconscious to use in the manifestation of the physical. However, and this is a significant 'however' - thinking should occupy the mind only 5-10% of the time, while knowing (not knowledge) must constitute the other 90 - 95% of our minds output. Therefore, the mind is predominately held in an intuitive quiescent state of being that is always open to instruction from on high while living in the awareness of Self and the moment, giving only a small portion of itself to the act of thinking. In this manner the mind is held in peace which of course translates to more efficient and clearer 'thinking'

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift - Albert Einstein

As soon as you stop thinking you start being. As soon as you start being you stop thinking. Can you see the difference between the two states of mind? Can you see how the definition of one state cancels the other one out? Thought is the resistance to being - to the present moment.

Being is the death of 'ego' seeing that ego is composed of thought only. The false self can only exist while thoughts about it does. So be prepared for a battle. The mind must be reasoned into surrendering its life for a higher purpose - a higher Cause. The mind has to be in on its own awakening. In time it will heed the call of its heart, of it's true Soul that lives within the One Soul. All you have to do is let it be. Let it happen.

As your I am-ness, as your complete presence of being, go past your thoughts into the silence of meditation and stillness. Expand your conscious mind into the heart of your subconscious where your emotional body lies. Bring the conscious and subconscious minds together to work as one in a cognitive emotional peace that opens up to the Soul of all Souls, letting the purity of Love consume all that is left of you.

~ Tracy Pierce

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