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Knowledge is heavy, it weighs the mind down and acts like a dam, preventing the flow of spirit from flowing through the mind and out into the physical world to bless all creatures great and small. Moreover this knowledge did not come into being through the true Self but as the ego that lives by karma aka the Laws of Soul.

Thoughts are like clouds the block the suns ray's from reaching the earth to promote growth. Moreover, the egos knowledge is always yesterday's mana.

It is yesterday's mana because it is effect, not Cause, so it is always second.

Let your mind be free and empty of egoic thinking that accumulates as knowledge, depositing them in memory cells that attest to a false reality. There is no past or future, there is only now. Even when you pass over you will experience life as Now.

As Rajneesh pointed out ' You cannot suffer the past or future because they do not exist. What you are suffering is your memory and imagination. Whatever you hold in the mind, whether it is depression from too much past or anxiety from too much future, you will eventually hold in your physical life as sure as one ground hog day follows night.

Therefore, be sure to hold no thing in your mind by the knowing of I am now. In this way your mind and heart stays open for Spirit to flow through.

You will be guided by awareness that comes as a knowing what to do, say and be in each and every moment.

~ Tracy Pierce

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