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The mind is composed of the conscious mind that attends anything through attention. It is otherwise known as thought. Then there is the subconscious mind that is an accumulation of previous thought as well as previous lifetimes therefore its awareness level differs from person to person. The subconscious is not a thinker. It is a feeler. It is Awareness as opposed to attention. The difference between the two could be seen a long and short vision. The subconscious also holds within itself the door to the Superconscious aka Cause or the true Self. One's subconscious awareness at a certain point merges with the Awareness as the Soul. This was described in the bible as touching the hem of Christs gown. The Soul of course is the activity or expression of Spirit or Consciousness. The Soul being Spirit is one's true Self.

The purpose of the conscious mind is to attend, to be present. To hold focus or bring light too. To hold steady one's mind in being aware of the moment. To be conscious is to be utterly present.

In the true mind, the conscious mind aka thought impregnates the subconscious mind (Awareness) with itself so that it might be conscious of being awareness, not only subconsciously but also as the present moment which is the vessel of the Soul. Knowing oneself as Awareness or Soul, one also knows themselves as Spirit or Consciousness. You could say that Consciousness is the mind of the true Self while Soul is the heart/ body - it is love. Together they are wisdom.

This conscious and subconscious mind working together as one provide the perfect meditative channel for the true Self to express itself in the physical world. This is Adam & Eve back in the garden, consciously aware. This is the yin and yang as One. I am that I am is perfectly aligned again and working under Grace. I am Spirit reflected perfectly by mind.

Awareness is expansive. From the day you were born you became more conscious of being aware. And this continues, doesn't it? It also does with lifetimes. The mind is like an angel that fell and rises again in Consciousness with each and every lifetime until it merges back in the whole as One again. Or you could liken the mind to a slab of stone that the true Self as Cause continually chips away at to reveal the perfect image of itself.

Your goal as the conscious mind, or one that journeys the road less travelled is to attend your own Awareness. To bring the two minds together as one so that you can channel and realize your true Self. So that the I conscious mind and am subconscious mind align with the I am of Spirit being Soul.

To join the two minds simply be as present as you can be in the moment for the moment is Soul. This is the way - the complete way. Stop thinking and start being. It really is that simple.

Thinking and Being are two completely different states of consciousness that bring forth two completely different realities. Thinking will bring forth knowledge and is born of the mental realm. Knowing will bring forth knowledge also however it is born of the Spiritual realm and always comes before knowledge. Knowing is unlimited. Knowledge is always limited. Being is always Now and knowledge is always yesterday. This is because there is only one truth, and it is the truth of the moment. Anything outside the moment such as knowledge is also limited.

There is a difference between knowing (flows) & knowledge (Stagnant). Savour the difference. Don't identify with knowledge which represents the physical and mental realms. Be knowing which originates from and as the Spiritual realm. Remember Soul is omniscient - all knowing. Attend Soul as thought, and you will be filled with the holy Spirit aka Intuition.

~ Tracy Pierce

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