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Spirit works for us in proportion to our mental stillness. So long as there is a personal sense of self, one cannot embrace the impersonal - Spirit/Consciousness. So long as the Inner I is rising in thought it cannot be used as a channel for the Spiritual realm.

One must slow the mind down so that our Spirit can do our thinking and feeling for and through us as mind. This means being completely focused (Conscious or present) on Soul (Awareness) with all our heart (Reincarnated Soul) body and Soul (True Soul) rather than our thoughts and their manifestations in the physical world. In other words, our consciousness must be completely freed from egoic thoughts and feelings in order to realize - become conscious of the true Self.

Heaven is an absolute and eternal state of consciousness that is uninterrupted. Uninterrupted by the many different states of consciousness depicted within and as our seven realms of being Life.

We lose consciousness the minute we enter differentiation of form. Form is a container of Consciousness you might say, even though it is Consciousness which contains the effect. Such is Maya.

Consciousness must stay as undifferentiated Awareness to maintain its integrity and power. Therefore, we must stay conscious of being awareness least we limit ourselves to form such as thoughts and feelings that have their being in time and space. (Mentalism)

Thought + feeling = desire that help create or mould a Mind/body in the physical when the reincarnated Soul falls into matter once again (Birth). One's thoughts and feelings reflect the level of conscious awareness the incarnated Soul is at, on the evolutionary wheel that rises and falls in its season. If one is one thought, one love that is in total aligned with all multi-dimensional aspects of being, then one is considered close to full realization. If one is a mass of thoughts and feelings cut off from one's body of Awareness, then one is considered a new Soul.

These thoughts and feelings that house our incarnated Soul, also attract to themselves the life predetermined by one's Soul/Spirit. One only reincarnates with a desire too. No desire = no reincarnation. The desire to be whole - to connect to each other through love, is the motivating factor of the reincarnated Soul that lives in differentiation/separation. Thoughts and feelings are the vehicle through which consciousness and Awareness together expand until they are One again consciously.

The egoic mind tries to create life through thinking. The True Mind remains still, allowing Spirit to flow through thought (Singular) to imbue their beingness. It is not for effect (mind) to create. It is for Cause (Spirit) to create. The mind learns it's proper place once the true Self is revealed consciously - when the master returns to the house. The mind cannot serve that which is has no conscious awareness of. Therefore, we must become conscious of ourselves as Awareness.

The mentalist tries to use the power of Spirit. The Zen or Christ mind allows itself to be used. The ego says I do not want to give my power away to something other than myself. The Christ mind recognizes Spirit as being his/her true Self and operates from this dimension of being. When we are conscious of the fact that we have no power of our own as mind, then the power becomes great within us.

Once a body passes on, one no longer operates through thought and feeling in the physical and mental but as reflected and formless Conscious (Spirit) Awareness (Soul) that reflects its stage of evolution within the Great Rise and Fall of multidimensional living. This Incarnated Soul, this vessel of Spirit, will gravitate to whatever realm it most resonates with within the One Soul until it dissolves back into Nonconceptual Consciousness being Undifferentiated Awareness.

There are some that are barely conscious and then there are some that are highly conscious. Most in today's world only know themselves mentally and physically therefore are limited in their demonstrations within the realms of effect. Once they know themselves as Cause, they will have power over effect. Thought cannot control thought. Only Spirit can do that. Once this is realized, we suffer a lot less as we continue our ascension multidimensionally.

When personal consciousness disassociates from form we can then, by degree, be present with and AS Spirit. No longer contained by differentiation within form, that limits our consciousness - our spiritual vision, we now have our full sight, thereby realizing or recognizing our true Being beyond the mental and physical. We establish this condition of consciousness through meditation and silence. Over time, in this still quiescent and intuitive manner our presence of being deepens in ways you cannot imagine or fathom within the limited consciousness you are currently identifying with and experiencing.

The only way to reach these depths of being is through aloneness, undistracted by the things of this world. Consciousness must be freed from the distractions of this world to know its inner world. Consciousness (Spirit) must be free to know itself as Awareness (Soul).

~ Tracy Pierce

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