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I am the alpha (Cause/Unmanifest) and the Omega (Effect/manifest)

You are not your thoughts, nor are you a product of them physically.

The origin of thought should come from the realms of Causation - the Spiritual realm, where Thy true Self abides. However, if the mind is not conscious of itself Spiritually, which it isn't for the most part, then the mind will create life in the physical from the level of mind - from the mental realm of Effect, rather than the Spiritual realm of Cause. This has a huge impact on our experienced reality. Rather than create from wholeness, we create from dualism. Rather than create as One, we create as though we have separate lives from each other. In fact, we do not even create for the mind in and of itself can create nothing, it can only recreate what already is.

The mind's nature in and of itself is dualistic and limited like any mental or physical appearance. If it has form, it has parameters, it has boundaries - limitations. Every Effect is temporary - it is always changing.

If the Consciousness of Mind is not conscious of, therefore, guided by Spiritual Consciousness, then the mind will identify its very existence with itself and the body. This in turn teaches the mind to live in fear, through fear of dying. Clearly the mind and body pass away only to morph into another form so identifying with or attaching to any effect - or form is never going to end well. One always suffers. Furthermore, the mind without a master in and of Spirit, is unable to cognize its innate connection with other beings within its Consciousness. The individual mind will see its life as being apart from rather than a part of Life itself. If the Mind does not know itself as Cause - as Spirit, it will not know anyone else as its own body. This is because Cause is the only realm that unifies the whole. The Mind aka Effect seemingly separates Cause or the whole into different parts of the whole, giving them the appearance of being separate to one another. Due to this illusion in appearances, the Ego will live as though its life is apart from one and all rather than a part of one and all. The Ego will act much like a cancer cell, that lives only for itself at the expense of the whole - simply because it is no longer connected at a core level such as Spirit or the DNA/RNA.

Furthermore, the Consciousness of Mind, in and of itself, without the guidance of Spirit, cannot know good without bad. This is particularly inauspicious for a vessel charged with the creation of the physical world. It would be akin to having an app that destroys everything it creates. In order to know good, the Egoic Mind must hold an image of what is bad in mind. There has to be a contrast. A comparison. The Egoic Mind measures, compares and contrasts in its formulation of thoughts concerning reality. It judges between two poles. This means that good and bad are always held in mind. irrespective of how positive or evolved mentally one is. Even the most positive thoughts/beliefs are subject to the polarization of a Mind devoid of Spiritual guidance. Eventually both opposites will be held in the body of both the individual and the body of the world when one identifies and leads from the duality of Mind while unconscious of Spirit. Your greatest joy will also be your greatest sorrow in an egoic reality. This equates to a loss of peace and undue attachment to objects. In other words, suffering.

The mind/body in and of themselves are not sentient. Neither is the Incarnate Vessel that goes on after the mental and physical body leave this dimension. They are only animated due to the Conscious Awareness that has confused itself with that particular form. All Effect are equipment only. Instruments of peace - or should be. Could be. If the mind was conscious of itself Spiritually, they would be. It is not however, the Mind is not yet clear enough to become conscious of itself Spiritually, which is why the world reflects the egoic mind rather than the truth of Spirit in the physical. As soon as we are conscious of ourselves Spiritually, we will reflect this in the physical world.

Strictly speaking the mind creates the physical world whether it is inspired by Spirit or itself - that is its role. Hence why it is dualistic. A big bang - a spark of life is created through the polarization of Mind bringing the Unmanifest into the Manifest. Every heartbeat is a spark of life. However, the mind no more creates life than a computer creates new information without a WI-FI. The Consciousness of Mind is a vehicle or instrument for one's Consciousness as Spirit. The I am Consciousness of Mind is a mini me of the I AM Consciousness of Spirit. The only difference is the Consciousness of Mind is a temporary Effect while the Consciousness of Spirit is Eternal Cause. Also, in Effect (Mind) there are many and in Cause (Spirit) only One. Moreover, where Effect is ever moving, Cause is ever still. Cause is One being many Effects in the same way there is only One Electricity that powers many different appliances.

The true mind is profoundly relaxed and present. There is no identification with the mind/body left beyond it being an instrument for the purpose of this specific lifetime. Due to identifying as Cause/Spirit, there is very little to no sense of duality left, therefore, the mind is not so much living IN the moment but living AS the Moment. If one was living in the moment, there would be a sense of two - you and the moment. Your life within Life. When one identifies as Cause, one knows thy Self as the Moment. As Life itself. There is not two - there is only One and I am that. I am One being legion.

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. - John 14:6

This quote means that 'I am' is the way, the truth and the life. Focus all your being on your I am-ness which is the door to the true and eternal 'I AM' of your true Self as Spirit. The verse then goes on to say that no one can know Thy Self Spiritually until they have developed the Christ, Zen or Buddha mind which is a state of being Now aka Present Moment Awareness. This is what it means when the verse says no one can come to the Father (Realize true Self) except through me (Zen or Christ Mind).

For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; (This is the Mind's 'I am') and the government (Spiritual I AM) will be upon His shoulder (Spirit guides the Mind - the two I's are One). And His name will be called Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. - Isiah 9:6

In the realized Mind - the I of one's being is fully aligned with the I of Spirit, shifting one's point of existence from personal to impersonal. One's experiences another deep dimension of their own Being. An expansion of Consciousness. One goes from experiencing I am mind to simply being I AM One in all and all in One. I Am. Life living itself. Going from the manifested personal Sense of Self that is limited, to an impersonal sense of Self that is unlimited in its unmanifested state. Awareness is an activity - not an object. It can only be known with the Inner I of one's being - never the eyes.

The Egoic Mind informs itself - itself being the Minds Inner I (Sense of existence) with the outer eyes of flesh. This is how its consciousness expands - through cause and effect - aka karmic experience. Efficient albeit - painful. Terribly so. The Egoic mind looks out into the world taking its information about reality from what the eyes of flesh attest too. The true Mind looks inwards or marinates in its own I am-ness which is Present Moment Awareness. All information about reality is received intuitively. The true Mind - tempered and purified, is informed by the I of Cause or Spirit (Semantics) through the Inner I intuitively. The former is present in illusion and the latter is present with and as Spirit.

The pure mind keeps its (Presence of Being) always, in all ways, present with and as the I of Spirit (Present Moment Awareness). Imagine looking in the mirror at your reflection. Your reflection should do exactly as you do, yes? It follows your every move. And so it will if the mind is still and reflective. If the I of Mind is stayed on the I of Spirit, the true Self will be revealed to the mind and the mind in reflecting it will come to know Thy Self as Cause and Effect - as the Alpha and the Omega. This is realization of the Self.

The Egoic mind cannot see its true Self, due to the mind/mirror being clouded with thoughts and beliefs that filter and distort the purity of light being reflected upon it. The ego, therefore, will not be in sync with it at all. There is too much dust on the mirror of the mind for the mind to reflect and then know its true Self Spiritually. For seeing is " knowing" (Faith) when the Inner I is in its true state of Being. This understanding is what this biblical quote is pointing too when Jesus said...

"For now we see through a glass, darkly; (When it is dark one can see nothing) but then face to face: (Self Realization) now I know in part; (From localized consciousness) but then shall I know(As Cause) even as also I am known )As Effect)." (This means you recognize yourself as Thy Self - you know Thy Self as the Father and the myself as the Son and realize they are One) - 1 Corinthians 13:12

Also, this biblical quote also is quite telling when it comes to the Mind being born in the image of Spirit in that one, as Mind aka Son or Word, reflects the true Self.

"Jesus gave them this answer: 'Very truly I tell you, the Son (I of Mind) can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father (I of Spirit) doing, because whatever the Father (I of Spirit) does the Son (I of Mind) also does."- John 5:19

The Egoic mind, unconscious of itself Spiritually is not guided by the intuitive guidance experienced as claircognizance or clairvoyance etc, which are the natural gifts of Spirit inherit in everyone. The Ego as already stated, is guided by its own dualistic intelligence that mistakes physicality for reality. This being the case it informs itself aka thought, via the eyes of flesh rather than the still Inner I. Of course, there are some senses we are more attune to in the mental/physical realms such as being a visual learner over a kinesthetic learner or some such and so it is with Spiritual gifts. Some are clairaudient and some are claircognizant. Some both. Some mediums, some clairvoyant etc. It does not matter. Spirit (I) being Soul (Am) is fluent in every language.

"We are confident, I (I of Mind) say, and willing rather to be absent from the body (Not identified with mind/body) and to be present with the Lord (I of Spirit). " - 2 Corinthians 5:8 (Being Present with the Lord is the I of mind doing exactly what the I of Spirit is doing through being Present Moment Awareness)

The Egoic mind whose 'I of mind' looks out into the world, creates thought based on what the (be living) the eyes of flesh tell it, rather than the I of Spirit. Therefore, it recreates history time and time again. It holds in mind what is already created, therefore, recreates it. Same shit, different day, different forms. Because the I of Mind is not present in and of the I of Spirit, but absent in its own mind-generated thoughts, it is unable to receive the gifts of Spirit or even be conscious of itself Spiritually. If the mind is not in its Temple (Present Moment Awareness) - it cannot be conscious of what else is. Namely its true Self that is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent.

The Ego when taking thought mistakenly believes these thoughts are inspired by its Soul or Spirit but they are not. How can they be when one is not conscious of themselves Spiritually? When the Self has not been realized. The Subconscious is not the Soul - it is the vessel (Projection, reflection) for Soul and that is a big difference. Just as the I of Mind is a vessel for the I of Spirit so is the Subconscious AM a vessel for the Am of Soul.

If the I of mind is not in its Temple of Am, then it cannot be inspired by its true Self as Spirit being Soul (Am). It is only through the Am's - the unified Soul and its reflection that the two I's can meet and merge as One. The creator and its image are One. Aligned. In sync.

The mind is inspired by its own "I am-ness" looking out at the world of physicality while reacting to it by taking ever-more thoughts that 'again' - cause a reaction - a negative feedback loop that becomes a self- fulfilling prophecy. A prophecy that is always a double-edged sword due to being born of a lie - of duality. What is gained must be lost. Health wealth life love - all of it.

The mind is the micro of the macro - I Spirit Am Soul is reflected in I Conscious Mind Am Subconscious Mind. As above, so below. I am that I am. Self-Realization is when they align as One. Ego is when they are not.

The Subconscious which is the reincarnating aspect of Mind is the vessel of the true Am - the One Soul aka Awareness. It is the collective activity of all its lives to date. Lives that illuminated more and more of the Soul giving the Mind/Son greater dominion over its true Self as Awareness. It is the Mind or Sons Soul if you like, due to being a part of the Soul that the Son is conscious of, therefore, claims as his own. However, this 'own' is an illusion that realization of the Self dispels with each passing lifetime. Because of this claim in ownership, the subconscious vessel has been limited, tainted - and sullied, therefore, must be purified before merging back into and as the Awareness it reflects.

~ Tracy Pierce

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