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One's true state of mind is held as one single thought of Attention/Awareness aka meditative mind. That is all it is. Period. It is a single bridge of awareness (Subconscious) and focused attention (Conscious mind) that allows for true Non conceptual Consciousness (Spirit) expressing itself as Undifferentiated Awareness (Soul) to flow through the Incarnate Soul/mind and out into the world as a blessing to one and all. This knowing, this light, brought forth from Spirit, to Soul, to Incarnate Soul, to mind, gives life to whatever it is conscious of or beholds. It is impersonal. It does not discriminate; it rarely thinks personally. It does not have to for it is omniscient - all knowing. When and only when the mind is fully aligned with itself multidimensionally can it bring forth true images (thoughts) as opposed to false images created by ego.

The time has come in our evolution for the raising of the mind into the fullness of its Being multidimensionally. Spirit/Soul uses the Incarnate Soul/Mind that in turn uses the brain/body to express the fullness of our Being. All must align under Grace thereby living by Faith. Grace is a multidimensionally alignment of all aspects of our Being that brings an intuitive flow out into the world. Faith is another word for 'knowing'.

Understand that if the Conscious Mind aka Inner I rises in one thought after another it is termed 'thinking' which more often than not serves the ego - the personal self as the expense of the whole. If you are thinking, then you are of course outside the moment. Your presence is no longer in its Temple. If the mind stays as one single thought, it is termed being consciously aware or meditation. It is termed consciously aware as one’s conscious mind has merged with one’s Awareness that is the subconscious mind which is also our part of the Present Moment. Once erroneous thoughts and feelings created by the mind and body ignorant of itself Spiritually, have been subdued one becomes conscious of their true Self as "Awareness" therefore one is termed consciously (I) aware (am). The mind therefore plays two roles. One of a listener and receiver and the other as a translator and creator of inspired images within the mental and physical realms of being.

The creation of thought originating within the mental realm, as opposed to Spiritual Realm, is termed as an abomination in the bible, for it is like creating like. Effect creating effect. Rather than Cause creating effect. Spirit/Soul is Cause. Mind/body is effect. I am Cause that I am Effect. The mind has confused itself with Cause believing it should create life via thinking instead of revealing life via being. The mind ignorant of itself Spiritually can only create from limitation, duality and separation. In order to know love then, it must know hate. In order to know joy, it must suffer sorrow. This is the polarized state of mind. It is polarized for a reason. The mind brings the invisible into the visible therefore, it must create a spark of life - a big bang so to speak, so opposing forces are necessary.

Leviticus 20:13 "If a man (Mind) practices homosexuality, (Using thought to create thought) having sex with another man as with a woman (The woman is the subconscious which a single thought of attention, should be resting in), both men (both thoughts) have committed a detestable act. (Thought has stolen the light of truth for itself and used the light to create of itself) They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense." (Both must cease to be in the mind. Keep thine "I" or thought or mind single.

Can you see how the bible is not speaking of two human men at all but of the mind which IS thought creating thought rather than Spirit/Soul creating thought? Spirit and the conscious mind are considered male energy while the Soul and the subconscious mind are considered female. The conscious mind must merge first the purified emotional body and Awareness of the subconscious mind so that it rests in peace within and as the moment. This Awareness of Self deepens over time until it reaches the Spirit of the true Self and merges with it in realization. Once the conscious mind has settled down from rising in one thought after another, thoughts and feelings no longer distract and hold its presence within them. This frees the Conscious Mind, to become conscious of the Awareness aka Soul, behind these false images' aka egoic thoughts/feelings that have captivated it for so long.

Bear in mind you get from the bible what you bring to it. If you come to the bible with no inner Spiritual light of discernment, then you will read it in darkness (egoic mind) and none of it will make sense or if it does, it will only make sense on a very basic level in which it is read amiss. Taken literally the bible is barbaric. Read allegorically and it begins to make the most profound sense. For example, when Jesus told Peter to throw his net on the right side for more fishes, he was talking about leading from the intuitive mind which is the right side of the brain. Fishes is another word for thoughts. It is only for those who have the "I" to see - not the eyes, who will understand its hidden mysteries as well as many other Spiritual texts from greats like Buddha and Lao Tzu. The I of knowing is how one truly sees. For it is the Inner I that brings forth the true images of Spirit for the eyes of flesh to experience and behold. The I of life. The I of your true Self is what you truly see with. Not the eyes of flesh.

The I of life is what guides the mind. However, the mind in its ignorance identifies uses the lower mind of logic and reason (the false I), rather than the higher mind of intuition and awareness of Spirit.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift." — Albert Einstein

Could you imagine your body doing that? Having no mind to guide it? One arm telling the other what to do? Ridiculous notion, isn't it? The body would spend its entire lifetime at war with itself. Just like the mind does without Spirit to guide it. Without the body parts realizing it is part of the one body, through mind, it wars with itself. The mind does this every day. One thought waring with another that in turn gives rise to emotion chaos that bombards the body with stress chemicals that wear and tear at it. Moreover, these thoughts and feelings, superimpose their ridiculous manifestations and/or demonstrations into our reality. Seen as man fighting man, country fighting country, all because we have lost the knowledge and understanding of our connection as Spirit, gained through the Inner meditative I.

The solution is, as I said earlier - to keep one's mind single and deeply present in and as the Moment. Ensure this presence is heartfelt. Holding the mind in mindfulness/meditation is how to save yourself and the world around you from egoic manifestations that cause each and every one of us to suffer. Instead, be still mentally and draw from the Spiritual realm as opposed to the mental realm.

"Live by inspiration and let your whole life be a revelation" - Eileen Caddy

Do not let the mind, which is a single thought of Consciousness, (One brain cell in the one mind of Spirit) rise into a plural state of being, unless it has merged with the true Self, post-realization. Receive thought as one's daily bread through (not from) the Inner I to process and bring into the world. Do not take it from the mental realm in ignorance. If you take thought from the mental realm, you will become like a cancer cell that operates outside the One body. You will personify the mind/body/instrument, which means it is no longer operating from On High. It is not listening to one's DNA/RNA.

The conscious mind must be kept single, awake, and aware to marinate within its own Being Now, until that awareness merges with Soulful Awareness which is the activity of Spiritual Consciousness. Once the marriage between mind and Spirit has happened, one is known to be liberated from the egoic mind and considered Self-realized. In other words, the conscious mind has finally realized its own Soul beyond its self-generated egoic thoughts and feelings. Rather than experiencing a communion with Spirit or the Higher Self, one experiences union. There is no longer any sense of there being two. Instead, there is only oneness. One no longer is in the moment. One is the moment. One no longer has a life. One is life. One no longer meditates. One is meditation.

Therefore, what God has joined together, let no one separate.” ~ Mark 10:9

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20 (when the 1-conscious mind is aligned with the 2-subconscious, we become conscious of our 3- Awareness or Soul which is directed by our true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit)

It is imperative to understand there is no thinker behind the Conscious Mind to stop it from rising in thought. The Mind IS thought. One thought creates another thought and that thought creates another thought. The mind constantly divides itself into millions of thoughts, giving us the impression of their being a thinker behind said thoughts. There is not. All there is, is the Mind aka Inner I from which all thoughts spring, creating thought. One's true Self as Spirit (I) being Soul (am) has nothing to do with it.

Until the conscious mind aka Inner I, has married the subconscious and is conscious of its own Awareness aka Soul that is Present Moment Awareness, it is like a branch cut off from the Vine. The conscious mind in its ignorance, has taken itself to be the creator of life rather than the revealer of it, therefore, creates life by rising in thought. It has cut itself off like a branch from the Vine and will bear no fruit that is everlasting and truly nourishing. Egoic thoughts and feelings veil or distract the Conscious Mind so that it does not notice or become conscious of its own Soul behind them.

"It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves"- Matthew 21:13

This means one's Consciousness - one's Presence has been stolen by false images, feelings, and their manifestations, therefore, it is not present as Presence in one's Temple (Present Moment Awareness) to receive its daily bread aka intuition or guiding light. We are so distracted by lies; we fail to see the truth.

The conscious mind being a reflection of Consciousness itself has the ability to give life to whatever it beholds, (Holds within itself) even while cut off from the Vine. It gives its life to the good the bad the ugly - it doesn't matter, whatever is in your mind, whatever you are conscious of both consciously and subconsciously, you will give life too, such as thoughts and feelings the conscious mind created in its ignorance. Thoughts and feelings that are termed false images as they did not originate from the Spiritual realm but the mental realm. It is like light (Spirit) shining through a window (Mind) with dust (thoughts) on. A true image cannot be formed as the dust distorts and destroys the purity of light.

If I were to say to you to hold your consciousness (attention) in the moment right now. Hold that thought/attention of yourself being aware or being awareness, to keep holding it, you could do it. It wouldn't be the most graceful and relaxed type of hold, but you could do it nonetheless, even if it were for one second. This is what you must do. This is how you must start. One second at a time. One step at a time.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Lao Tzu

~ Tracy Pierce

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