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The shutter spoken of in this quote, is your conscious mind, which is your Inner I or the lamp of the body. The conscious mind is the vessel for your true Self as Consciousness. Until this vessel of mind/body, which you believe you are, has realized its true Self as Spirit, it will continue to live by the creation of thought rather than the Inner intuitive guidance given though the unleavened Inner I open to Spiritual Instruction.

When the conscious mind creates thought, it rises out of present moment awareness, which means it is no longer in its temple to receive intuition or put another way, is no longer in its right mind to be filled with the Holy Ghost, aka Intuition.

This Inner I or shutter as termed in the quote, is closed when it the mind thinking and open when it is being in the moment. It is disconnected to itself as Spirit when risen in thought and connected to Spirit when it maintains a mediative or Being Mind.

One must become conscious of themselves as Present moment awareness. One must go from feeling like they are in the moment to know they are OF the moment. One must go from living from the personal sense to living from the Impersonal.

"You don't have a life. You are life" - Eckhart Tolle

You are by nature omnipotent omnipresent & omniscient, so what is there to learn? What is there to seek? You already are your true Self. How can you not be? Clearly then it is an illusion that you are suffering from, to imagine you are not. Take away the illusion and you are left with the truth. The illusion is created by the thinking mind. The personal mind.

Illusion is inhibiting the realization of this.

In knowing this then, it is not a matter of seeking, it is a matter of eliminating what is inhibiting or blocking the realization and expression of your truth.

This is done by gaining the right understanding that leads one to seeking mental stillness and silence.

Seeking - meaning using your thinking mind to seek or find a solution to something cannot help you in realizing your true Self as it is the thinking mind that is the veil. The thinking mind in seeking will take you away from your true Self - not towards it. Thinking objectifies - it projects. Being is the opposite to projection. It collapses or sinks into self and takes one's consciousness beyond form to the true Self that is formless.

So, you keep still. Mentally you keep still. The experience of being deepens into the realization of another dimension of being that you never knew existed. A dimension of being that will completely transform and expand your understanding of reality, like moving into the mental dimension of being did for the caveman. Such is evolution.

In principle, it is the same with meditation - the more you try to meditate the more it will elude you.

Why is this you might wonder? Well, meditation is another word for being and you are already a human BEING. So again, it is not a matter of trying to meditate, rather it is a matter of eliminating what is preventing your natural state of Being from expressing itself.

Meditation therefore is a non-practice. I say non-practice because it is more what the mind does not do rather than what it does. Rather than doing or achieving something, one must do absolutely nothing. The hardest thing for the mind to do by the way. For is not the definition of meditation not thinking? No discriminating mind? Yes, it is.

Clearly then the obstacle to both Self- Realization and Meditation is the thinking or discriminating mind. Even though perversely it was the discriminating mind that led us to the revelation that the being/meditation mind is the Zen or Christ mind. To everything there is a season. We must crawl before we walk and walk before we fly.

One can see then that Self-Realization & meditation is not what you do - rather it is what you do not do. You do not think. You do not take, create, dwell, or follow after thought. You allow the mind to be in its natural state of BEING - which is NO THINKING. Naturally, when thought stops, being begins. You don't start being. You already are a being. You simply stop taking thought and there you are 'being' by default.

One effective way of doing this is by loving the moment rather than thinking it. Look around you and allow a feeling of love to rise up from within and out into the world. Or close your eyes if you like and allow the same thing to happen. You will notice love comforts the mind and quietens it. Within time, your conscious and subconscious minds will harmonize and become quiet. At least quiet enough for the mind to slowly slow down, allowing the conscious mind to become conscious of being the awareness of the subconscious and then present moment which are both vessels for the Soul. When the mind is in alignment with its true Self as Awareness (Soul) the Holy Spirit (true Self) will flow through the Soul, into the mind that is silently awaiting it in its temple.

In this moment of pure awareness & non-thinking, balanced with emotional harmony, one is meditating. The trick is now to hold this state of Being. This takes practice and discipline by way of surrender and most importantly a deep relaxation within the moment. This is the meaning of Being a Disciple. One uses personal discipline and will given by one's Spirit, until the true Self is realized, whereupon the personal is made impersonal. Once one is imbued with the holy spirit, we may lean on the understanding of Spirit rather than the mind, as well as the will of Spirit, making life effortless.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." ~ Matthew 11:28-30 ESV / 31

It takes the Will of the Incarnate soul (Subconscious), imbued with the will of the One Soul, to hold and continue the discipline of holding the mind single (meditative). This is so that no unnecessary emotion rises to trouble the mind and body, until any sense of a personal self has fallen away. This is readying the temple for the Holy Spirit, (intuition) to descend and take up the role of being the lamp of the body. Within the right season, union between mind/soul/Spirit eventuates. There is no longer any seer and seen. One is no longer one present in the moment but simply the presence of the moment.

~ Tracy Pierce

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