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The ego does not have an identity as in a physical location. Its identity is the MIS USE of the mind. The right use of the mind is a vessel for the true Self to flow through into the physical. It is not a separate part of the mind like the subconscious is or say the left hemisphere. No - it is literally NO THING at all but the wrong use of the mind altogether, which results in symptoms expressed as egoic (delusional) thought rendering the person incapable of correctly interpreting and living in a shared reality filled with grace harmony health and wellness as part of the whole. Rather they are seemingly apart from it.

It is no different in principle than a person suffering from a mental illness such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar or perhaps borderline personality disorder resulting in symptoms of delusional thought, rendering the person incapable of interpreting, and living in a shared reality. Sound familiar?

For whatever reason or cause, the brain, like the mind is not being used correctly. Consequently, it is diseased or put another way it is ill at ease with itself.

So, what's the solution or the cure for both the ignorant and diseased mind then? Of the former I can speak, of the latter only in principle.

Note in today's world, there is no real cure for most mental illnesses, just symptom management. And to be fair, to all intent and purposes people also treat the unenlightened (ignorant) mind in the same manner using symptom control as seen in the use of drugs, alcohol, sex, food etc.

Until we come to the understanding that firstly we, as an unenlightened mind, are insane, which most of us don't believe we are (One of the hallmarks of insanity and ignorance by the way), we will not look for a cure. Secondly until we acknowledge that the cure is above us - namely in Spirit we will not make much progress.

You will note also that mental health in today's world, has not had the breakthrough that physical health has had such as when penicillin was invented. This is because the body is subject to the mind like the mind is to spirit.

As it stands today, the mind is subject to the mind. In other words, one thought is trying to fix another thought with not a lot of success. We are treating the symptoms but not the cause. The medical society does not acknowledge Spirit as our true Self. When it does, in my opinion, we shall have the mental health breakthrough like we did with physical health and penicillin.

Can you see the correlation? We know the body well and can act upon it because we can be objective with it. Even though we are in it, we are outside of it and above it so to speak. Therefore, it is subject to us. The mind is not subject to us because we are in it because we identify with it, therefore it is hard to be objective. We do not see ourselves as outside or above it.

For the unenlightened, ignorant mind whose symptoms are egoic thought, the cure is simple. We stop thinking and allow the mind to settle into its natural state of stillness, quiescence & intuitive receptivity so that the mind can realize its true identity. Spirit then acts upon the mind, as the mind acts upon the body.

Shadow work or counselling is only useful if it settles the mind enough for the truth of our being to act upon it.

Otherwise, it is just another maze for the mind to become lost in. Only by rising above the mind can we heal it.

In conclusion, the ego is not a separate part of your being that you must love and tame in one form or another in order to live with it. It is the misidentification and consequent misuse of the mind that results in a disease (delusional or egoic thought) rendering one insane by degree. One's level of insanity is determined by how connected or disconnected one is to their true Self/Spirit and the right use of mind and body.

~ Tracy Pierce

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