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It Is No Measure of Health to be Well-Adjusted to a Profoundly Sick Society


The mind ignorant - unconscious of itself Spiritually, inadvertently and understandably, misidentifies its very existence with itself - the mind & body. The mind goes on to use itself as thought, in the creation of Life - not realizing Life has already been created and that the mind's role is to reveal this life - not create it. There is no such thing as time. Time is a complete illusion. Just as there is no such thing as space - I am everywhere - there is no where I am not says the Omnipresence of Consciousness. Life already is. It is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. It is the Alpha (Unmanifest) and the Omega (Manifest).

If the mind believes it is here to create a life for itself, it will filter and misdirect the Spiritual Light that flows through the mind and out into the world. The Mind is meant to be intuiting Spiritual guidance and then processing - emoting - out into the physical world of form. If the mind is not free, pure, still, quiescent & profoundly relaxed, it will not be able to bring forth the Unmanifest Truth into the manifested world of physicality, in its most pure form. Form will most definitely be manifested but of what quality is entirely dependent on the state of mind held. Thoughts created by the Ego distract, distort, destroy, delay and debase the purity of Light that is your true and eternal Self as Spirit. If the mind is not fully aligned with itself Spiritually and under its governance, the Mind will superimpose its own interpretation of life via its thoughts, born in ignorance and duality, onto the physical world.

The mind is dual and polarized by nature. It is designed for the purpose of bringing the visible into the visible or put another way, creating life within the physical. It does so by creating a big bang caused by its polarity within the ONE spectrum of Consciousness. If Mind Consciousness identifies with itself - believing the mind to be its existence, along with the body, if will immediately begin creating thoughts based in fear. Fear that one day, when the mind/body perishes, it will not exist. It will live its life this way. In fear. Thoughts the mind creates will swing between both polarizations of itself, creating the illusion of separation, therefore differentiation. For example, if you want to do a good thing, you will compare it to a bad thing, in order to know that it is good. This is how the mind works - it compares and contrasts, weighs and measure etc. So - in order to know what is good, the presence of what is bad must be in mind, otherwise the mind cannot know it.

Do you see what I am saying? Your greatest joy will also be your greatest sorrow. When you are led by the mind, you cannot know good without knowing bad. Both good and bad are held in mind because they have to be. It is the ONLY way you can make sense of the world if your nature is dualistic - which the Mind is. So then - if both good and bad are held in mind (because they HAVE to be) - what happens next? That’s right - both, within the course of their own time, will be made manifest in life. We will experience both in our physical reality - because both are in our mind. Whatever is held in mind will one day be held in the hands. The degree to which this manifestation is demonstrated depends upon the amount of heart or will carrying it to fruition.

If your life is led by the mind ignorant of itself as Spirit, then you cannot get away from duality. Duality is the only way the mind knows how to operate when its master is not within its Consciousness to tame and subdue it into rightful mindfulness.

The egoic mind innately knows it is missing something vital about itself, therefore, begins seeking it. It has sorught this missing part of its Being since the beginning of recorded history that we know of. Our species have theorized and discussed over and over again what it might be - what our origin is. Unfortunately, we looked for our 'Self' with the eyes of flesh rather than the I of our existence. We have used the power of the thinking mind for thousands of years and still it eludes us in general. Only a very small fraction of society has realized this dimension of our existence and not through the thinking mind, but the Being mind. That is not to say the thinking mind has not played it part because it most certainly has, however, it has led us to the realization that being is infinitely superior to thinking in that it aligns us experientially (rather than theoretically) with our true and eternal Consciousness.

“We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.” ~Albert Einstein

That new manner of thinking is Being. Being is the new thinking. Being is another name for meditation and the essence of meditation is Awareness. Awareness is another name for Soul or Am. Being is a state of mind. Awareness is the unmanifest activity of our true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit. This is the Alpha (I) Spirit (Am) Soul - the Alpha living through the Omega - (I) Conscious Mind (Am) Subconscious Mind. The I am of Mind aka Son was born in the image of the I am of the Father aka true Self. I am that I am. I Am the Unmanifest living through and as the Manifest.

At our core - in essence - we are One. Not two. We are never in the moment. We are the moment. We are only in the moment as the Son, we are the Moment as the Father. Once the Son knows himself as the Father, Self-Realization is experienced. We are deeply connected to one another, in the same way a kidney cells are related to a heart cell. They are, we are, of the same body. Once we truly know ourselves beyond the consciousness of Mind - as the Consciousness of Spirit, we would no more seek to harm one another than the left arm would seek to overpower the right arm. This would be the end of war, of famine, of greed, of many insane demonstrations manifested within the world.

The world aptly reflects and demonstrates what we as a species are conscious of at this point in our evolution back to where we came from - Oneness. The egoic mind. The mind - the good the bad and the ugly is demonstrated in today's world. One day you have it and the next you don't. Health, wealth, abundance, life etc. It does not represent our true reality as Spirit because we have not yet as a species collectively risen to Spiritual Consciousness - allowing the Spiritual world to be manifested in the physical. The mind cannot think what it does not know. - unless it is made aware - which it is. Every lifetime by Awareness (Soul). Awareness being the activity of Consciousness (Spirit). The Consciousness of Spirit being a lived Truth in the world is coming though - it is on the horizon.

~ Tracy Pierce

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