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Intuition is a sense of 'knowing'. Often called Faith, knowing is experienced through the metaphysical mind (Inner I) then translated into a mental image/emotional response via the physical mind. Intuition is highly unique to each recipient and often experienced differently. There are those that are clairvoyant, (visual) clairaudient (audio) Clairsentient (Feeling) and Claircognizant (knowing) etc.

My particular gift is knowing - claircognizance. This is how I write. My mind simply goes into its own meditative state when I sit down to write. I know things without having to reason them out at all. It is like I am witnessing my mind and body write and I am learning as I do so. After I have finished writing I put into practice what came to me intuitively.

The minds consciousness must be freed from the process of thinking, so that it is available to become aware of Intuition given to the mind via the Soul/subconscious. The Inner I cannot think for itself and receive intuition from its true Self at the same time effectively. Staying in the moment keeps one's consciousness focused, so that other thoughts do not plague our mind. Keeping a single thought, which is none other than meditation keeps the mind consciousness from creating thought, freeing up the minds consciousness to merge with the awareness of its own Soul deep within ones being.

This is why the intrapersonal relationship is so vital. If you do not know your true Self, you will not realize your connection to all other selves, to the universe - to all beings great and small. You will forever seemingly live in separation, from your truth, from your power and from your brothers and sisters.

Moreover, you will have no spiritual vision to guide you along the way. One will be forced to navigate life almost blind. It would be akin to a car driving in peak hour traffic with their headlights off at night. One is bound to crash and often does.

In order to receive and comprehend intuition, one's mind must be held in a state of being (meditation) as opposed to thinking. Meditation and mindfulness are the way to Self-Realization. The being mind is the new thinking mind.

A quiet mind welcomes intuition, while a busy mind veils it.

~ Tracy Pierce

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