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The mind is much like a camera. Whatever it is conscious of - whatever it holds within itself as mind, it will develop physically via the subconscious mind, creating a perfect replication of its Present Conscious Awareness - Super-consciously, Consciously, and Subconsciously - in the physical.

Bear in mind that your mind is both Consciousness - I (A vessel & reflection of Spirit) and Awareness - Am (A vessel & reflection of Soul). Oddly enough you are not conscious of yourself as Awareness (Soul), even though you are aware (As Soul) you are conscious. You are not conscious of yourself super consciously or subconsciously, hence why life is often a shock or surprise for many.

Bear in mind also, unbeknown to the conscious mind (The thinker), the subconscious also serves the unconscious and the super conscious, for it is the true mind, the mind that reincarnates lifetime after lifetime. The Subconscious automatically, through the will of thy Spirit does what needs doing. The Conscious Mind, which is what one identifies with, is only a small part of your true and full consciousness. It rolls out of the Subconscious like a wave, allowing us the ability to self-reflect.

You are the Super-conscious, the subconscious, the unconscious, even though you as the Conscious Mind (As thought or the thinker) are not conscious of all these aspects of your being yet. Life is about becoming conscious of these aspects of your Being - of realizing the fullness of Thy Being.

This being said, what are you conscious of? What are you beholding? Are you holding within your being, your true Self (Awareness or Soul) by keeping the mind still, (no thought) quiescent & intuitively receptive while experiencing the moment happening? Is your conscious mind resting in the expanse of your subconscious awareness ready for the minds awareness to merge with Spiritual Awareness? To become conscious of all aspects of Thy Being multidimensionally? The door to Spirit - to the true Self is through the present moment which is always one with the subconscious.

Or are you recapturing (conscious of) merely the physical world thereby recreating the same picture but in a different form on a different day? Is life a Groundhog Day? For whatever you are conscious (and not conscious but aware of subconsciously) of on all levels of mind, you will develop and manifest into the physical world. How can one have dominion of all being if one is not conscious of all being? One must become conscious of the unconscious in order to have dominion - not as 'myself' but as 'Thy Self".

Where is your sense of presence? Where is your attention -focus being? Is it in its thoughts about the world as outside of thought in the Soul aka Present Moment? Both will render two completely different realities here in the physical.

Is your Consciousness limited to the Mental and Physical Realms (Dream world) or is your Consciousness of mind present in the Spiritual Realm aka present moment awareness (Reality) guided by the I of Spirit? What are you consciously aware of? Because conscious awareness is everything. Bring your separated consciousness of Mind - the I of mind to the Am, Awareness of being that begins with the Subconscious/Present Moment and ends with the Soul (Am) being Spirit (I) aka true Self. Be still mentally and realize you are life living itself.

Be in the world physically and mentally as the Consciousness of Mind but not of it as the Consciousness of Spirit being Soul.

~ Tracy Pierce

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