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Spirit (I) our true and eternal Consciousness/intelligence works through the one Soul (Am) that in turn flows through and as its reflection of mind: I (Conscious Mind) Am (Subconscious Mind). I am that I am. I spirit Am Soul that I Conscious Mind Am Subconscious Mind. The equation however looks like this - I Am/Ma I. So, Spirit flows through the Soul and into the Subconscious to be made conscious by the Conscious Mind Aka thought. The Subconscious is the true mind while the Conscious mind is the witness. Unfortunately, the Consciousness of Mind has hijacked the driver's seat, meant for the Consciousness of Spirit.

This is the definition of Ego. An Ego is Soul that identifies with the Consciousness of Mind rather than the Consciousness of Spirit, thereby limiting their demonstrations and manifestations in the physical. The Consciousness of mind NEVER dictates or directs Spiritual Consciousness. The mind serves intuition. Intuition never serves mind. The Ego thinks - takes thought. The true Self is claircognizant - it lives by Faith Aka Knowing in which thought is given in the moment it is needed. The quality of mind/thought is completely different when given to mind rather than created by mind.

The one Soul (The activity of present moment) holds within her - all Souls, which the father - our true intelligence - our eternal Consciousness flows through. It is this true intelligence, this Spirit working through us as us. The Father (I of Spirit) projects itself into localized Consciousness as the Son (I of Mind). The only place the Father (Spirit) can project itself is into the Mother (Am) Aka Soul. The subconscious is the daughter of Soul like the Conscious Mind is the Son of the Father. Bear in mind though I am using differentiation to reach your mind, there is no 'real' differentiation as all is one.

The Subconscious stays forever in the moment (This is confirmed scientifically) where the true intelligence of Spirit (I) comes through as the activity of Soul Aka Love. Love is the literal movement of Life. When the conscious mind is clarified and tempered enough to reflect the Spirit within, Spirit recognizes itself, realizing it is not the mind but the true Self as the Unmanifest Spirit. Due to thoughts and feelings dissipating with meditation and no longer distracting one's consciousness, the mind is able to become conscious of itself as Soul - thereby laying down its Life as form and taking up life as Spirit. Here the Son and the Father unite within and as the Mother (Soul & Subconscious). Do you see? Until the mind turns around it thinks it has a life of its own and that it must take thought to create life, instead of revealing it as Spirit THROUGH the mind, not as the Mind.

When I was about 10, I had a vision while I was brushing my hair in the mirror. All of a sudden, my reflection in the mirror took its eyes (In truth 'I' that is identity) off me and went off on its own buzz - looking out at the world of mirror - mesmerized by the sparkle. It stopped being aligned with me and every move I took and became lost in the land of the mirror with its back to me. My reflection soon forgot that I existed, so mesmerized by the sparkle in the land of Mirror. Fortunately, I had control of everything else in the mirror, so I worked through the other reflections of my beingness, to gain the attention of my reflection or image that had forgotten me - forgotten it was me. In fact, it had forgotten it was me for so long than it started to think I am like I am. Meaning it thought itself to be me - naturally, right? It IS me - but it's not. It is merely a reflection of me, so it is me, but it is not. You can see its confusion. I had to over time make this image turn around and see me again so that it could realign with me because it was starting to fade away and die without me giving it life, for it had no life of its own.

Do you see what the mind is? It is merely a reflection of your true Self as Spirit. It is temporary (Temple) while you are Eternal and infinite as Spirit. Until you identify experientially as Spirit you will be limited to the use of Mind. In order to cleanse and temper the mind so that it reflects Soul, it must remain deeply present in and as the moment while allowing thoughts and all personal sense of self to dissipate before you can truly experience the true Self of all being, that will go before you to make all the crooked places straight. Crooked places refer to the neural pathways that are changed and healed upon realization.

~ Tracy Pierce

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