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Being conscious of being Awareness is the highest Meditation as it is being true to thy Self. Not myself but thy Self.

The I am of mind is both consciousness (A reflection of one's Spirit - I ) and awareness (A reflection of one's Soul - Am). They are not two, they are One - I am.

I call the mind Reflected Conscious Awareness as it was born in the likeness or image of one's Soul being Spirit, which is another way of saying one's true Self aka God. The Mind is in many ways a mini me of Spirit, though understand that Mind being Effect, has no life of its own outside of Spirit.

Though I have differentiated both Spirit and Soul they are in fact One, like the mind and body is one.

Mind Consciousness is NOT Spiritual Consciousness. The mind - your thoughts and feelings may feel like you, but they are not, and this is very important distinction to make and understand. The cause of all sorrow and suffering is due to confusing one's existence with the consciousness of mind rather than one's true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit. Mind Consciousness is a vehicle or instrument for Spiritual Consciousness. Your ultimate purpose as the I of mind in life is to become conscious of thy Self as the I of Spirit. Mind Consciousness is called many things; the Inner I, the Third Eye, Thought, Mind, Conscious mind etc.

Mind Awareness is known as the Subconscious. The Subconscious is the totality of all that the Conscious Mind from all its Incarnations, is Aware of and as. The Subconscious represents the Conscious Level of the Son or the Localized Spirit since its fall and rise back into Grace. This level of being is felt rather than thought. It is often referred to as the heart for this reason. It is also the door to the Spiritual Realms of thy Being aka the Temple not made with hands. Meaning the evolution of the mind is the result of Cause, never Effect.

The Subconscious IS the present moment. Everyone's Subconscious IS collectively the Now of this world. Our shared reality for all is Mind. If the Subconscious has been purified and is facing - reflecting the true Self I to I, it will manifest the true Self as a reality in the physical world. If the mind is facing the outside world, informing the Inner I with the eyes of flesh, due to being in an egoic state, the physical world will reflect the absence of Spirit, not the Presence. The physical world will reflect a mind unconscious of its fullness of Being multidimensionally.

We become a clear channel or conduit for the true Self when our minds are still. When we hold our minds are in and as the Present Moment. If our minds behold or embody our true Self, then that is what our body and the body of the world will manifest physically. This is how we bring forth Spirit into the physical world as opposed to bringing forth egoic delusions. As previously stated, what we focus on or give our attention/awareness too we create in the physical. Allow our minds to rest in the mental realm, identified as form, then we bring forth duality. Allow our conscious mind to instead dwell in and AS Awareness (Soul), then we bring forth the Spiritual.

If we hold yesterday in our minds, we repeat history - we relive a different version of yesterday. If we hold tomorrow in our minds, then we recreate or invent what is in our egoic imagination and not of Spirit. Any kind of thought when identified with and as form will bring forth an abomination of the truth rather than the truth itself. Even if that thought is honourable and what you believe to be 'very good', if it is not born of the Spiritual Realm, then it is a false image.

"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image" - Exodus 20:4

There are two types of imagination. There is imagination conjured up by the ego that takes from the universal mind and then there is imagination that is received by the mind from the Spiritual realm consciously. I say consciously as subconsciously and often unconsciously spirit works through the subconscious with the Consciousness Mind (what you identify as) being none the wiser. For example, it is not the conscious mind directing one's breathing, digestion, heart rate etc.

An important point to reflect on is the fact that the Subconscious is actually the true mind and directly responsible for all manifestation in the physical. Both Conscious Mind and Spirit create through it, even if the conscious mind is not conscious of this. The two must work together as one, which means the Conscious Mind must surrender its imaginary life for its true life as Spirit. This is done by being in the moment, guided by life itself, rather than using the Conscious Mind aka thoughts to control, hustle and manipulate life to the Egos specifications.

So, you see, even though you think, as an egoic mind, that you are creating your own life, you really aren't. The most you are doing, is scribbling all over your true Self's artwork. The egoic mind filters the pure light of Spirit, distorting, delaying, dividing and destroying the truth, with its own idea of truth.

Yourself as Spirit has zero awareness of what the Ego is doing because the Ego is not real, and the true Self is. They never meet. The Ego is shaped by the laws of Soul such as Karma, until it is tempered and made ready for the realization of true Self.

The Conscious Mind rolls out of the Subconscious like a wave does the sea. Until the Temple aka Subconscious is purified it will continue to do this as it cannot rest in the peace of the Subconscious - often referred to as the heart - when the heart is not at peace with itself. So - the Conscious Mind, by staying present in the present moment awareness of the Subconscious becomes conscious of all that was unconscious, while lost in our thoughts. When the Temple is purified, the mind stops rising in thought and is present in the Temple where the true Self is revealed. Recognizing the truth, the mind lays down its life in service of its Master. Its true Self as Spirit. Your true Self.

~ Tracy Pierce

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