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Let yourself relax in this moment you are living. So relaxed that you begin to love the moment itself irrespective of what is happening or not happening. Stop giving your attention to yesterday and tomorrow, or judgement pertaining to this moment. Let yourself be relaxed and in love today. Right here, right now, with whatever it is offering. Remember love is not a set of circumstances now, love is what you are - so bring yourself to this moment and love it. In time you will realize you are it. You are not in the moment you are the moment. You do not have a life, you are life.

The moment doesn't have to be boring. The moment is what you bring to it. Bring love. Bring peace of mind. Bring acceptance. Bring a heart open to tuition from within the moment - which is you. It can come as a voice whispering in the mind or as a sign in the physical. It's all you.

The good news and the bad news in many cases, is the moment will soon change. Each moment will transform into another moment and another and another as needs must, but the Truth of this moment, the love within it, will remain ever constant and unalterable. Even after the mind and body pass away. Remember everything is happening in and for you, not to you.

You are the same Awareness that was behind the five-year-old going to school for the first day and the twenty -year-old who went overseas for the first time. Everything changes, including your mind and body, but you - Awareness. You cannot know what you are with the senses for you are not form. You must know yourself another way. What one does not see with the eyes, one sees with the 'I". You can only know that you are. You have been this and that and many other things besides and yet simultaneously you are none of them. You can only BE awareness. You cannot have knowledge of it because you are the knowing in the knowledge. You are aware. You are conscious. You are the Alpha & Omega before birth and the Alpha & Omega after death. Just the same as everyone else.

Over many lifetimes you have said I am not this and I am not that but never have you and can you say I am not. I am is eternal and infinite. With form or without form I am.

The bonds of love we have, with our mother, brother, sister, lover, animal, friend - it never changes, it is always the same - infinite and full because we are not a what but a 'That": Birth-less, deathless, timeless. We are THAT for a time. We are Conscious Awareness for all time.

Awareness is not an entity; it is an activity and this is what trips people up a lot. The mind in its quest to know itself is looking for an object but the true self is not an object, therefore not subject to our senses. When all gurus say (and they do) to become conscious as thought of being Awareness it is at first hard for the spiritual aspirant because the mind is never sure how to know that which has no form. We must become conscious of ourselves as the witness.

We do this by knowing ourselves as the present moment rather than being IN the present moment. This is going within. The mind when in the present moment is rendered completely silent and still. One cannot be present in the moment if one is present in thought. Therefore, a being state is adopted. We become conscious of everything we missed while present in our thoughts and that is immense. For the present moment is the road less travelled. The moment will talk to you. It will give you signs and guidance in serendipitous way and there will be a synchronicity to it - a flow. Moreover, in the silence where there used to be thoughts will be the holy ghost aka Intuition. You will be guided from on high rather than the myopic thoughts of the brain that does not know its Soul.

This formlessness of love is there before our physical birth and is there after our physical death. There is no beginning nor end of love nor us for we are synonymous with Love.

Love is All. Love is the movement of Life. And we are life.

When you die your brain die which means you will no longer be able to process thought as you know or feel physically as you do now. You will be awareness which is your true body being directed by your true intelligence as Spirit aka Consciousness. When death or realization comes you will realize that the true Self is so much more alive than the physical self.

So, for now, relax and enjoy this moment. No one is really going anywhere - it is change of form only. When you die you don't go anywhere. Your consciousness simply expands and your understanding of reality changes howe you will still know yourself as you do now - I am.

Even when it appears your loved ones are not in the same room with you, nor the same realm, the love you have for each other will remain constant even though you cannot see nor understand this yet. They are - you are the Now whether you are experiencing it as personal form or impersonal form or no form at all. Realization will dawn one day though, and you will rejoice in it with your loved ones who are no longer with us. When a loved one passes away, they are still with you in and as Spirit. A Spirit you have yet to realize. Love keeps us ever connected.

So, love this moment before it changes. Love it NOW, for it is literally dying (changing) of itself to love you. It is really in truth nothing more than Self Love.

If you can't find love in THIS moment, you won't find love in any moment for Love is BEING present. Love is Presence itself. You don't find this peace by seeking it but by becoming it and this is done through a stillness of mind that is heartfelt.

~ Tracy Pierce

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