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The Mind and Body are instruments (Reflective projection) of your true Self as Awareness (Soul) which is the activity of Spiritual-Consciousness. You are not conscious AS the mind; you are conscious OF it.

The reason thought stops every time you stop to watch yourself think is because you are using Mind Consciousness to think with, when actually you should be holding Mind Consciousness still so that it reflects your true Self behind. This is the only way to realize your true Self. When realization is gained there is a shift in Consciousness, in that you go from identifying as Mind-Consciousness which is a temporary Temple, to Spiritual-Consciousness which is your true and eternal Self.

This false identification with Mind-Consciousness is why everything disappears when you sleep - you are conscious of nothing. Once you know Thy Self as Awareness beyond Mind-Consciousness you will be aware of yourself sleeping - in the same way people are sometimes aware of people operating on them when they are being operated on.

~ Love Tracy

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