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If you cannot see God in all it is not because they have sawdust in their eyes(I's) because you have a plank in your eye (I).

The reason you as the true Soul of Spirit (True Self Aka) cannot see thy Self as God in all is because you cannot see God in thy Self.

If your I is full of egoic thoughts, then God is veiled not only in others but in yourself for God can only been see with a clear and transparent I am and nothing else.

When the Spirit of God (I AM) falls from Grace and into form - in other words - when Spirit falls out of alignment with itself due to taking on a personal role (I am of mind) spirit forgets it is the Alpha, confusing itself with being only the Omega. That which is manifest.

Lifetime after lifetime the Temple (Mind/body( is moulded and shaped through fate/karma into the likeness of Spirit so that the Spirit within the Omega recognizes itself after the revelation. The instrument (Mind/body) becomes so like the true Self, that the Alpha hovering over the Omega remembers itself as Spirit, thereby giving it dominion over the Omega.

"Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters." - Genesis 1: 2-3

When the instrument of peace Aka Mind/body knows itself as Spirit, it starts to embody the Holy Spirit Aka Intuition - taking on the true likeness of the Alpha. The mind/body is now under the governance of Spirit, rather than the Karmic laws of the Soul ruling the mind. Due to the Mind/body now embodying its true Self, the physical phenomena manifested and demonstrated via this realized Soul now depicts God (True Self) rather than the Ego. This is because the light of one's Conscious mind and the purified state of the Subconscious now reflect the true Self, rather than the mind impersonating Spirit as the Ego - bringing forth one dualistic abomination such as disease and poverty etc after another.

~ Tracy Pierce

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