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One must reach the understanding, that we are never IN the moment, we ARE the moment. We do not have a life, we ARE life.

The present moment is composed of all subconscious minds that though experienced individually are actually One. We live in a shared reality - a hive mind if you like. The subconscious Aka Human Soul that reincarnates lifetime after lifetime holds our evolutionary state of being which depicts the amount of light realized since our fall from Grace - Grace being the alignment of all aspects of our being multidimensionally. This is why some are born more or less evolved than others. The more lifetimes we experience the more light (Understanding/knowing/Faith) we can behold within ourselves as an instrument of peace for our true Self as Spirit. the light and darkness (Apparent absence of Light) within ourselves subconsciously is visited upon and in the Present Moment for not only ourselves but everyone else to experience. Clearly seen, the Present Moment depicts the best and worst of us not only as an individual but also at a collective. When I say it depicts the best and worst of us - I mean as an instrument. We are in truth - our real Self that is - not the instrument. We shape and temper this instrument through earthly experience so that it can take our full measure as Spirit. Every lifetime gives us the opportunity to make conscious what is unconscious, which in turn, brightens the Light within the instrument - the light being the true Self.

Beyond the physicality of the Present Moment is the Unmanifest activity of the Soul - the one true Soul in all its purity, that all of us are (Every manifestation) collectively. Now if the Subconscious is in a pure state - meaning all that is unconscious has been made conscious or all the darkness filled with Light, then the Soul is free to manifest itself upon the earth plane without the filtering of the Subconscious, distorting, destroying and delaying the pure perfection and beauty of Spirit. If the Subconscious, in its unlived state is still fill of darkness (Absence of Light) then the attribute-less beauty of the soul is filtered through darkness, lessening the Light manifested upon the earth. This is why, the words be still and know that I am are so important. The more still the mind, the more Light that can get through both healing the individual and the collective. An active mind denotes thinking and thinking is always in all ways personal.

The reason the thinking mind is always in all ways personal is because the Conscious Mind, due to the unlived immature state of the Subconscious, is unable to marry its Consciousness as an instrument with the Consciousness that is behind and directs the one true Soul. Until the Subconscious Aka Human Soul is capable of a measure of stillness - the conscious mind which we use to think with, cannot connect with its Spiritual Self enough to enlighten it.

Bear in mind the instrument is not sentient. Spirit (I) being Soul (Am) - the true Self, fell from Grace - meaning it fell into matter that limited its vision, causing it to forget its true Self while identifying as the instrument. So, the Spirit within is looking out through the senses, at the world - beholding it in mind. Now we know whatever we hold in our mind, we hold in our body and the body of the world eventually. This is how we bring the invisible into the visible. This is how history repeats itself. One must behold the true Self be being conscious of being Awareness or put another way but Being Present Moment Awareness. Only by being conscious of our true Consciousness as Spirit can be manifest it in the world. If we are not conscious of anything - we cannot hold it in mind and int urn we cannot manifest it in the physical. Every lifetime teaches the mind to be calmer, more still, more loving, lighter, more knowing - more Faithful and clear - claircognizant.

I am that I am. I am creating through the I am of thy instrument I call myself. I am that.

~ Love Tracy

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