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Before realization the 'Self' is seen and known as the 'Conscious Mind' that 'takes or creates' thought, due to the predominant awareness of the Subconscious (The totality of our Beingness since falling from Grace) causing it to rise in unrest. The I of our Being - our sense of I am-ness or existence rests on being this ' Conscious and aware manifested Self' that is known as the Temple which I have just described: The I of the Conscious Mind being the Am of the Subconscious Mind. This is what the Ego or the unrealized Being points to when he says 'Self'. This is MY-Self. My thoughts are me etc. You see, yes?

Many times throughout our time spent communicating with one another I have said that one must keep their I (Conscious Mind) in their Am (Subconscious Mind). For often the Conscious mind has risen out of its Temple of Am (Subconscious) in 'thinking'. Our fractured Consciousness must become as one again. It cannot do that while the Subconscious has karmic tendencies (Vasanas). All the same, we must for it is the only way to make conscious what is unconscious within the subconscious - other than letting it play out in the physical thereby learning through suffering.

This is what happened to me this weekend. My Conscious Mind (I) was able to rest within my subconscious (Am) for a time, allowing me to become conscious of myself as firstly the Awareness of the Subconscious and then as this consciousness of being awareness deepened - I became conscious of Thy Self as the Awareness of the true Self - thy true Awareness as Soul - Soul being the activity of Spirit. Together the Unmanifest Soul and Spirit is the true and eternal Unmanifest Self that is realized when in alignment Aka Grace.

So, to summarize - the Omniscient true Self that is in and of itself unlimited, flowed through the cohesive Conscious awareness of mind which is limited bringing an illumination I did not have before - an illumination that expressed itself as a higher insight and intelligence and capacity therefore, to love and understand. This is Grace - when the Unmanifest true Self that is omniscient, flows through its instrument (like when your breath flows through a flute creating music) illuminating and creating a thing of beauty. One falls from Grace when this alignment is broken. When the Consciousness of mind is fractured - which is illustrated in another post last week by my good friend Joshua Tilghman, one cannot connect to the true Unmanifest Self as the Alpha.

So this is meant when one is said to be Self-conscious of being Awareness. The instrument you refer to as your 'self' becomes conscious of itself as Awareness in stages, which I believe I described to you yesterday.... Firstly as the Subconscious (which allows for healing of the Vasanas or subconscious tendencies that carry karma - which is infused with our DNA btw), then as the Awareness of the Soul. Note the 'Awareness of the Subconscious and the Awareness of the Soul are both referred to as 'Am' and the Conscious Mind and the true Consciousness of Spirit is referred to as the I. I Spirit Am Soul that I Conscious Mind Am Subconscious Mind. This is the perfect reflection of the Son being born in the image of the Father. Now bear in mind that a mirror flips everything backwards so the equation of the Father being the Son would look like this: I am/ma I or Alternative it is seen (and experienced) as I Spirit flow through and express myself in the Am of the Soul/Subconscious and into the Son Aka Conscious Mind to be made Conscious or known. Do you see? The Unmanifest Soul and the Manifest Subconscious (Both Am's) are joined together as the PRESENT MOMENT which allows the Father (Unmanifest and true I) and the Son (Manifest temporary temple I) to join and align as One. In this way the true Self and its reflection move and breathe as One. I am that I am. This is the Alpha (Unlimited Unmanifest) being the Omega (Limited Manifest).

Of course - the true Self is not the instrument - is not the Conscious Mind expressed in and as the Awareness of the Subconscious. This is merely the Effect (Omega) affected by Cause (Alpha). The true Self is the Alpha being the Omega. See the attachment I sent with this post. Here is analogy that might help with this understanding and which I posted yesterday on the DNA post.

If a cell in the body forgets its DNA we label it a cancer cell. It becomes a literal rebel without a cause, just like the mind does when it is cut off from its Cause - its origin and Source. Having forgotten it is part of a whole, both the cancer cell and egoic mind, live as if they are apart from the body rather than as a part of it. They live like a wave going against the natural current of the sea - fruitlessly and ignorantly resisting itself as Life. The cell, like the mind grows at a rate and in such a way that it ignorantly works against life rather than with and as it. Taking more than its fair share of nutrients and space, the cancerous cell and egoic mind puts its own body and the body of the world out of balance - out of homeostasis. The egoic mind and cancer cell alike causes itself and the body as a whole to suffer from different degrees of dis-ease, pain and insanity due to being disconnected to its cause, its origin and source.

Can you see now why the Omega (at this point in our 'mental and physical' evolution (Effect aka Omega always works in cycles through a process) does not reflect the Alpha at this point? The Omega is reflecting itself while ignorant of its true Self as the Alpha. The mind cannot think nor manifest and demonstrate that which it is not conscious of. This is why we must become Conscious of being Awareness. Once the Son is conscious of itself Subconsciously and works out his karma - leaving his temple purified - he will come to know himself as the 'Mother' (True unmanifest Soul) and then he will come to know himself as the Father - his true and eternal I. Note the Subconscious and the Soul are the bodies (activity) of one's intelligence as both the Father and the Son. True Intelligence is expressed as Love. Love is Soul aka AM and Intelligence is I. I am that I am.

I hope this explains Self Consciousness. This is how the 'Son' (Mind Consciousness - I) becomes conscious of himself as the 'Father' (Spiritual Consciousness - I) for this is only ONE Consciousness expressing itself as many. The Omega is always in all ways evolving -eternally - infinitely because the Alpha is eternal and infinite - just like the Omega only the forms the Omega assumes are temporary hence why we - these temporary forms are called a Temple.

To reiterate and make clear - the Omega like the Alpha is eternal and infinite however the forms the Omega assumes are always temporary temples (instruments of peace) for the Alpha. This is why it does not pay to become attached to these forms - and it is very hard not too UNLESS you know thy self as the Alpha. When you know thy true Self, you are quite happy to allow these forms to come and go eternally.

~ Tracy Pierce

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