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The Consciousness of Mind - your sense of 'I exist' or your sense of 'I am-ness' is not your true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit. The Consciousness of Mind that you identify with is but a temporary Temple for your true Self - your true Consciousness as Spirit for its use in the physical. You are as mind an effect - a vehicle - a ride for Spirit aka for Cause. This is what Self-Realization is all about. Realizing your true Consciousness as Cause that is eternal. Your Consciousness as mind is effect. It is temporary.

Until the Consciousness of Mind (Effect) is filled with or One with the Consciousness of Spirit (Cause), it is all but an empty vessel being prepared by and for the true Self as Cause/Spirit. This vessel of Mind Consciousness is often referred to as the Son of God, Localized Consciousness, or the Incarnate Soul, as over many lifetimes is moulded by karmic experience to become conscious of its true Self as Soul (Am) which is the activity of Spirit (I). In other words. lifetime after lifetime this Localized Consciousness- Incarnate Soul - Mind Consciousness is becoming more and more conscious of itself as Awareness aka Soul which is the activity/expression of Spirit. (Am). I Spirit Am Soul aka the True Self.

The Consciousness of Spirit can only merge with the Consciousness of Mind (Incarnate Soul) through the activity of the Soul aka Awareness. This requires the mind to stay out of maya - the illusion of thinking and to stay present in the moment of Being Now.

To reiterate and hopefully simplify, the Incarnate Soul aka Mind or Localized Consciousness (Your sense of I am-ness) becomes more and more conscious of itself as Awareness aka Soul being Spirit (True Self or true I AM) through karmic experiences (living).

The Subconscious represents how conscious this Localized, or Mind Consciousness (Incarnate Soul) is of itself as Soul/Awareness (Am). The more evolved this Localized or Mind Consciousness aka Incarnate Soul is the more conscious it is of itself as Soul (Am) being Spirit (I) - true Self (I AM). The more conscious the Incarnate Soul (Localized or Mind Consciousness) is of its true Self as Soul/Awareness, the more dominion it has over it. Our own subconscious therefore represents how conscious we are of ourselves as the true Self - as Soul being Spirit. This is why some people are more conscious than others when born, due to how many times they have incarnated. However, everyone ends up in the same place as the same One, within their season.

The only way to bring forth this Consciousness of Spirit to the Consciousness of Mind, therefore, is by the Consciousness of Mind staying present in the Awareness of Soul. As the Consciousness of Mind or Localized Consciousness, we must become conscious of ourselves as Soul Awareness which is what we do in stages. The Soul in its many differentiations (Stages) is the Subconscious, being the vessel of the Incarnate Soul, which is also part of the Present Moment. So firstly, we as the Conscious Mind (I) must heal and merge with our own Subconscious (am) that is part of the Present Moment/Soul.

Everyone's Subconscious is collectively the Present Moment. The Present Moment in its totality is a vessel for the One Soul which is the activity or expression of Spiritual Consciousness, for in truth there is only one Mind, one Soul, one Spirit. Once we know ourselves subconsciously, we come to know ourselves as the Present Moment and then the Incarnate Soul which is what we will know ourselves as when we die if we do not beforehand through Self-Realization.

Once the Incarnate Soul aka Localized or Mind Consciousness, which is the Effect, Reflection, Vessel, Instrument of the true Self realizes itself as being the Effect of Cause, it then knows its true Self as being Cause. This is the shift in Consciousness from being Mind Consciousness to being Spiritual Consciousness. Rather than only knowing yourself as Effect, which is personal, you now know Thy Self as Cause which is impersonal. Thus, Cause and Effect become One moving as One.

Before Self-Realization, Effect being ignorant of itself as Cause, moved to the beat of its own drum which put it out of sync with its true Self and true life purpose.

To summarize, conclude and end where I began: Spirit/Soul is Consciousness (I) Awareness (Am) and likewise Mind is consciously (Conscious Mind - I) aware (Subconscious - Am). The mind/body is a reflection and vessel of Spirit being Soul. Just as Soul is the collective activity of Spirit, the Subconscious is the collective activity of the Conscious Mind. I Spirit Am Soul that I Conscious Mind Am Subconscious Mind. I am that I am is Life itself. I am Cause that I am Effect. This is reality.

~ Tracy Pierce

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