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I Spirit Am Soul that I conscious mind am subconscious mind.

What Robert Adams is saying is to keep your I in your Am. To keep your conscious mind aka thought or 'I’, in your subconscious which people often refer to as the heart due to the emotional body being present there. The subconscious is one's 'Am'. The subconscious is also the door to the Soul whose vessel is the present moment. If you are present as the I in the am of the subconscious/present moment, then your 'I' consciousness will deepen and expand into the true Am of Soul which is directed by one's true 'I" as Spirit.

This is 'Self' realization whereupon the mind has realized its true Self and liberated from the mind.

In this manner you are completely aligned with all multi-dimensional aspects of your being - of all being. This is life living itself.

~ Tracy Pierce

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