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You create your reality by thought.

The unspoken thought.

The spoken thought.

The written thought.

The thought that is acted upon.

While under the spell of ego, the great I AM, the light of your true being behind thought, (that you have mistakenly identified with) will be at your command, so beware of what you give your attention too. As you can see by the state of the world, people have often created amiss giving their attention to the outer world rather than the inner. Therefore, recreating history rather than fulfilling the Spiritual dimension of their being. Bear in mind and understand very clearly that the mind does not create life. It reveals life. Therefore, as thought - do not create life, be still. Know thyself to be Spirit and let thought – let what you believe to be yourself be inspired. Let thought come, do not take it.

If you allow this the quality of thought will change from thinking to being aware. The difference between the two is thinking takes us out of the Temple while being Aware keeps us in it. Your attention which is focused must merge with your awareness that is peripheral giving rise to a meditative mind that is intensely relaxed while one-pointed. This opens the Inner I which restores your spiritual sight – clairvoyance., Claircognizance etc.

To expand on what has just been said, in order to avoid creating amiss, your attention (conscious mind) should be sitting in your awareness (Subconscious). This stills the mind bringing one’s attention together with one's awareness. This also keeps thought aka known as your inner I open, so that intuition fills and flows through it. The inner I ironically act like the iris on an eye in that the conscious mind constricts (sphincter muscle) while the subconscious mind (dilator muscle) expands. Together both of them dictate the degree of light you let in or in the case of the inner "I", how much light is let out.

Be sure that your thoughts originate from on high (the Spiritual realm of Oneness - your true Self ) as opposed to down low (the mental realm of duality). Even when your conscious mind or Inner I is open and still in awareness, thoughts may still come from the universal mind (matrix) that will feel like your own thoughts. These thoughts are a collection of everyone else's thoughts floating around the ether. Do not follow them. Do not give them your attention. Stay in your Temple which is the subconscious that always sits in Present Moment Awareness. This is the only way to escape the traps of the egoic mind both individually and the collectively egoic.

Trust in the moment and watch how life lives itself when you are merely the witness.

~ Tracy Pierce

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