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Remember the true Self is not something you create or become. It is revealed once the delusion within the illusion is dispelled.

Likewise with meditation. Meditation is not what you do but what you stop doing. Being which is another word for meditation happens by default once thinking ceases.

Once the mind is in a state of Being, the true Self is revealed. Thinking veils the true Self, for when we take thought we rise out of our Temple. Our Temple is Present (I) Moment (Being) Awareness (Am). When we rise outside our Temple, we become unconscious of ourselves Spiritually and imagine we are only a mind and body. We falsely believe the mind is Cause and the body effect. This is not true. Spirit is Cause - eternal and unlimited. Mind and Body is Effect - limited - temporary - Temple.

We achieve the right state of mind which is Being aka Present Moment Awareness by becoming conscious of ourselves as Awareness aka Soul. The Soul is the Present Moment which is composed of our Subconscious as well as the Subconscious of all our brothers and sisters. The Soul aka Awareness is the activity, the expression or body of Spirit.

The longer you can stay in the moment without taking thought, by focusing in a relaxed and open fashion on being Awareness (The witness that receives intuition), the closer you will come to realizing the true Self. Over time, you will slowly but surely stop being IN the moment and start becoming the moment itself. Once that happens you are under the governance of Spirit rather than the Egoic Mind.

Together Spirit (I) being Soul (Am) is our true Self. The Mind is Being.

I am that I am is my name - and yours.

Every person regardless of what language they speak, refers to themselves as I am. They know themselves as effect - they know themselves personally, but they do not know themselves as Cause that is impersonal.

Cause is impersonal, formless, and eternal. This is what you must become conscious of as Thy Self which is Awareness aka Soul played out as the Present Moment constantly moving. Effect is personal and temporary - this is what you must learn is an eternal costume that constantly changes is shape.

Basically, you are a shapeshifter. Once you realize this, life becomes a festival of lights. All fear disappears, leaving only joy to live as Life.

~ Tracy Pierce

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