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Your conscious mind is by nature a single thought of Awareness that is experienced as I am. Mind is the "I am-ness" of your being is the vessel of your true Consciousness, as well awareness of the subconscious which is the vessel for the Soul. Unfortunately, we have claimed this mind vessel - (I) Conscious mind (Am) subconscious mind, as our true Self in and of Spirit (I) being Soul (Am). In doing so have taken on all the minds limitations and dualistic tendencies while veiling our true Self Spiritually.

This misidentification is the reason why the mind is used amiss. Instead of the mind serving Spirit in its still and quiet quiescence, thereby being guided intuitively in the creation of true images, the mind has instead become active in the creation of its own uninspired thoughts that are dual by nature - good and bad. Therefore, guides its own life through measurement and judgement creating false images aka thoughts.

In the egoic mind that creates thought, there is no Spirit or Soul behind these false images being created - there is no spiritual influence guiding it. The egoic mind is simply the conscious mind rising out of the Awareness of the subconscious, in one thought after another, on its own, which creates a false reality - illusion or Maya. These false thoughts - false images, are the fabric with which one creates a personal sense of self that we in turn identify with, along with the body of course. This is a false sense of self. This is the ego.

To identify as form or effect is to suffer for the only constant about form/effect, which the mind and body are, is continual change. It is our resistance to this change that causes us to suffer. We resist it with our thoughts - our false persona, as we identify as Effect - as thought and body. We see the transformation of effect as death. Of course, it is not death - it is change only. If we knew ourselves as Spirit or Cause that wears effect like a costume, we would not be so attached to the form of mind and body and be quite happy to let them go when it is their time to transform into another shape that serves the whole. Remember matter - the fabric of form, like Cause - Spirit is eternal. It cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only change form which it does constantly. Cause however which is seen as the true Self, is always, in all ways constant still and silent. You are Cause wearing effect. Effect is your avatar. An avatar that is constantly changing shape to suit the needs of the whole - which you are.

Unfortunately, due to one's mind rising in many thoughts as opposed to staying in a singular state of being that Spirit can act on and though, these copious thoughts veil the true Self as Cause. When one's consciousness is distracted and caught up in thought outside the temple of Present Moment Awareness, one is not home so to speak to become conscious of Spiritual guidance.

Due to Effect being unconscious of itself as Cause, it mistakenly believes itself to be the creator therefore goes about creating thought from a mind that is not its true Self but a vessel for it. Understand then, there is no thinker behind these thoughts. Just thoughts of there being a thinker. It is all thought. One big Maze made of fallacious quicksand. The more you try to get out of it by thinking, the more one sinks into its depth.

The only way out of this thought maze is, incidentally, the same way you get out of quicksand. You keep still. You keep the conscious mind still! Do not let it rise in thought for if it does it will rise out of its temple (present moment) where intuition is received. Keep it singular. Keep the mind still in its original state of being - as a single thought that is conscious of being awareness for Awareness is everything. Awareness is Soul which is directed by Spirit.

One's conscious (I) awareness (Am) must merge with the I (Consciousness) AM (Awareness of Spirit, that is of course I am that I am - life living itself.

In other words, one must become conscious of being Awareness. One must be present in awareness which is one's subconscious/Present Moment Awareness. The meditative mind is when one's I aka thought is present in one's heart aka subconscious.

You have mistaken the I am of mind for the true I am of Spirit. Spirit is not a thinker - spirit is a knower - it is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. The only thinking Sprit goes is the processing of knowing (intuition) into knowledge which is minimal in the grand scheme of life.

Keeping one's "I" single allows for the passage of Spirit - your true Self (Undifferentiated Awareness being Nonconceptual Consciousness) that passes through 'the open and still mind’ unblocked by false images, so that you may have the direct experience of being Spirit., which in turn breaks the personal hypnotism of the I" thought, leaving the mind to be used correctly.

You will experience the truth of your true Self, once you get your false Self gets out the way. The false self was created by thought and it shall die by lack of thought. It dies by keeping one’s attention focused on being awareness which is an odd experience to experience at first as it is a non-objective experience for Awareness is not form - it is not an object but an activity. Nonetheless this is the way.

Once the pure awareness of the conscious mind merges with the true Awareness of Soul/Subconscious, Spirit rises, and Self-Realization occurs. The light of the body is the eye: if. therefore, thine eye ("I") be single, thy. whole body shall be full of light. ~ Matthew 6:22

~ Tracy Pierce

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