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Mind Consciousness - your present understanding and experience of existence - your present sense of I-am-ness that you use to think with is an instrument - a vessel - a vehicle, a creation or effect of thy true Consciousness as Spirit.

Mind Consciousness is as effect created out of and as a part of the mental realm.

Spiritual Consciousness is the totality of all Being and Non-Being. It is Cause. Everything thing happens as Effect happens within Spiritual Consciousness.

If Mind Consciousness is not married to or merged with its true Consciousness as Spirit, it will create life in the physical world via the mental realm which of course is limited and dual. The mental realm HAS to be dual as it is responsible for bring Cause into Effect - for bringing the Invisible into the Visible, for bringing the unmanifest into manifestation. There has to be a big bang to spark Life therefore there must be polarization. Such is the nature of matter.

If the Mind TAKES thought from the mental realm, it will create hell on earth by superimposing itself on the light shining through it from Spirit (Ones true Consciousness working through Soul aka Present Moment) in the same way a led stained-glass window will change the purity of light shining into a building by its colours.

Mind Consciousness can only merge and marry its true Consciousness as Spirit through the Soul aka Awareness. Soul is the differentiations seen in the Subconscious, Present moment, and Incarnate Soul. If ones Consciousness of Mind is present in its own thoughts, feelings, and their manifestations it is absent in its own Temple, where the marriage of the Mind and Spiritual Consciousness merge.

Right thinking will lead you to the Temple, however thinking and all identification as Mind Consciousness must be left behind as one begins their Presence in Awareness awaiting the revelation of Spiritual Consciousness. ONLY then is thought GIVEN - not taken. This thought is of a different quality and quantity to egoic thought. This thought is more of a knowing awareness that is effortless and light. Rather than consuming 90% of the minds output as egoic thinking does, it consumes only 5-10%, allowing the mind to rest in peace.

A lot of people will claim spiritual thinking as the way to liberation but that is a fools, game. Thinking no matter how profound and good, will rob you of the direct experience of Mind and Spiritual Consciousness merging as One. The mind cannot be in its temple if it is in its own stream of thoughts, and it MUST be in its Temple of Present Moment Awareness to realize thy Self. Thinking must become Being so that identification with Mind Consciousness that ignorant of itself 'experientially' as Spirit, is replaced with identification as Spiritual Consciousness working through Mind Consciousness. For these people theory is enough - they are content with thinking and being their idea of the truth, rather than the truth itself. Idealism has no place in realism. Idealism is always personal. Thinking is always personal. Personal is the I am of Mind Consciousness. The Impersonal is the I am of Spiritual Consciousness that is being Cause through effect. The true Self knows itself as Cause being Effect. The ego only knows itself as Effect being Effect. Big difference.

~ Tracy Pierce

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