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Go now and look into a mirror.

You will note two things - firstly - the mirror image that you are seeing is backwards, so you are not seeing yourself as you actually are, you are seeing what the mirror (Mind) allows you to see. Can you see the limitation of this truth?

(*note - it takes '2' mirrors at a 90 degree right angle to each other to create a true (1) mirror that does not reverse the image)

Secondly - that mirror image, even backwards is not you, is it? I mean if I were to pick up a rock right now and throw it at the mirror - would it hurt you in any way? Of course not.

Can you see the layers of illusion that you identify with? You as the eternal I am of Spiritual Consciousness project your Consciousness into and as the I am of Mind/body Consciousness.

The reason the image is not pure, the reason why we see sickness, poverty and war is because the Mind - the Mirror is obscured with egoic thoughts and feelings Aka dust that obscure the true Self like clouds do the sun, distorting, delaying, and destroying the pure projection of Spirit manifesting itself into the physical world.

Egoic thought and feelings occur as dust on the mirror of mind, by the true Self looking into the mirror and mistaking itself or the image, while forgetting itself. This is because it uses the senses to inform the I of mind, rather than the I of the true Self behind the mind.

The only way to know true Self is through being not seeing. It is only through direct knowledge that we realize the self - not indirect knowledge via the senses.

"So God (True Self) created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female he created them." – Genesis 1:2-7

~ Love Tracy

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