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Every mental and physical form that you love will eventually be lost. Mother, father, child, sibling, friend, pet, house, car, - everything. Sans eyes, sans teeth, sans everything. However, like the phoenix all will die to itself and be born again, into a new form, out of the ashes from the past. The Omega is the Phoenix dying. The Alpha is the Phoenix rising. Everyone and thing is both the Alpha and the Omega. Everything is pure consciousness essentially.

The Omega is the I am of Mind/body. It is form. It is your temporary Temple while in the mental and physical realms. Many will confuse this 'I am' of form (Mind/body) with the 'I am of the formless' (Spirit), thereby living in fear of one day of dying and never existing again. A fear born in ignorance of the true Self which is the Alpha. The Alpha is the I am of Spirit. It is formless. It is your true and eternal Self that never dies and is never born. It is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnipotent. It is infinite, eternal, nonconceptual and undifferentiated. I am (Alpha) - that (Omega). I am that I am.

The nature of the Omega is also infinite and eternal as it is the Alpha, however the Omega, unlike the Alpha that is ever still and silent, constantly changes its forms depending on the will of the Alpha and the form's particular life cycle. Moreover, the Omega, at the will of the Alpha, separates itself eternally into an infinity of forms that expresses the ONE Alpha we all are collectively. The Omega is always dying and being born again in a different shapes or forms that serves the Alphas dream.

We are collectively the Alpha Being the Omega in infinite and eternal ways. Ways that exemplify the mighty omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent of the Self - of Life living itself.

~ Love Tracy

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