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Do not cast your pearls before swine. The creation of a pearl is spoiled if the shell is opened before it is formed. Allow this pearl to form within you without looking for validation from those who would likely not understand no matter how much you respect you have for them or how much you want them to understand. . Do not try to convince anyone of your truth. Simply live as an example of your own truth. People will come across you and/or seek you out if you have something they want to hear or know. If they do not come to it of their own accord, let them go their own way. When it is their time to know the truth, the truth will call them in its own way and time, through a certain avenue if it is not you, that will speak to them.

One must fall before they rise. Disillusionment must precede Enlightenment. Allow the tempering of your Temple - the human Soul or Subconscious to take place under the guise of suffering, for the death of ego requires it. People will judge you to be a lost cause, however little do they know you are being purified for a cause greater than they could ever know at this point in their evolution. Egoic death is never pretty and never easy. The late Stanford philosopher, Simone Weil said 'The only way into Truth is through one's own annihilation; through dwelling a long time in a state of extreme and total humiliation'. I agree, do not think that your suffering is for nothing. Suffering burns up attachment to a personal identity with mind/body. An identity that you have assumed in your ignorance, and which is the cause of all your problems. Allow your suffering to teach you what you must learn in order to become a pearl of great price. Pressure is what makes a pearl shine and is what will make you shine also.

Do not give advice unless it is asked for. Unless any advice is asked for, it generally will not be heard.

Do not interfere in someone else's relationship with the Truth unless interference is asked for or you can see their idea of truth is directly or indirectly maleficent to the sincere integrity of life and love. The intrapersonal relationship one has with their Inner Being is the most sacred and sacrosanct relationship anyone will ever have. Honour this relationship in others if you want this relationship honoured yourself.

The door to receiving is opened by giving. Give what you want to receive. The illusion of separation is just that - an illusion. The minute you give, you receive for in reality there is no you and me. There is no empty space for a you and me to exist in any type of separation. There is only the mind that differentiates for entertainment. Once the mind ends, so does the dream of you and me. There is only ONE playing many parts.

Everyone is a pearl of great price in the making, just like you are, just like I am, so let us have patience and be supportive irrespective of our different paths and the way in which we conceptualize and differentiate them.

Love is loves reward - John Dryden

~ Tracy Pierce

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