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To live in separation from one's Source is to live in Hell. Losing our understanding of reality, while falling into illusion is hell. Living in duality and limitation where every day you are threatened with death and disease is hell, where one day you have it and one day you don't - such as love, health, and security - is all hell.

The mind while separated from its true Cause as Spirit, inadvertently becomes a false cause to every effect both mental and physical. The physical world is either a creation of the mental realm (Hell) or the spiritual dimension (Heaven) by virtue of the level of realization of the mind bringing physicality into existence both individually and collective. If everyone's mind is in an egoic state, then the whole One mind is in hell, and we will see hell played out in the physical. Likewise, if everyone is more or less realized then we will see heaven played out in the physical. I would say only about 8 - 18% of the world are liberated from egoism. Not enough to usher in heaven quite yet.

Egoism is creating life via thoughts (mind) that has no knowledge of itself Spiritually.

Our thoughts, which we identify with are either hellish or heavenly, friend or foe with many variations in between. Life lived in this manner is often experienced as a roller-coaster ride that seems out of your control due to having very little control over one's thoughts and personality a good portion of the time. This dualistic thinking gives way to a dualistic life that is seen as a state of Hell. One day you are at peace and the next anything but. For the unillumined mind life seemingly potluck.

Life is deterministic for the egoic mind, due to a lack of awareness - a lack of illumination. In order to have free will, one must have a high level of awareness/consciousness. Consider one who is asleep and one who is awake - who has the freest will to choose? Exactly. The person living from the mind sees only his mind and has dominion over only his mind but the one living in Spirit is all minds and has dominion over all minds.

Consider the fact we are not conscious (not aware of) of our subconscious, our Soul nor our Spirit, all of which feed into our subconscious to create our lived reality. Imagine this collectively as well as individually. We are all living like a branch cut off from the vine. We are all Spiritually blind. Now it makes more sense doesn't it - the world and the state it is in. God has nothing to do with the world as it is today. It is the absence of God (Spirit) that is responsible for it.

So, what we are conscious of, at this point in our evolution, as the conscious mind individually and collectively is a delusion due to living in an egoic state of mind. We are in truth akin to the zombies we portray in the movies. Wandering the earth consuming all in sight, with no connection to a Spirit that renders us loving and intelligent.

Heaven is a state of consciousness in which one is One with Spirit, making one realize their oneness with all of life's creatures great and small. Life is known and experienced as infinite and eternal. You do not equate life with physical form, that is eternal itself, however the forms it assumes are not. You have an experiential understanding that Life is both physical and non-physical. That you live inside and outside of form. Even though you are in the world you are not of it. Your life is lived with free-will due to a high level of Awareness/Consciousness. You are no longer subject to thought (ego) and live in the moment with peace and love knowing that peace and love is not a reward or pay off but your actual state of Being. All the added things flood forth in order than you achieve your Souls purpose in this incarnation.

~ Tracy Pierce

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