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We are all more than ready to give away the negative self-talk, the bad memories, the addictions, the doubts, the fears, the feelings, and thoughts that torture us, but how ready are we to give away the thoughts that delight us, that make us smile? The gossip, the plans you have for the future, your dreams, your ideals, the chapters of your story that you are really proud of, claiming they made you into the man or woman that you are today? You know - the story in your head where you are the star of the show, and you have everything you desire. Are you ready to give that away too? To surrender it all. The good, the bad and the ugly?

Because that is precisely what you must do if you are to live in The Now - your Soul as opposed to your thoughts created by a mind unconscious of its true Self as Spirit. You cannot live in The Now and in thought at the same time, even if it is a good thought. A good memory or a good dream.

That being said, are you ready? To let it all, go? To embrace the Truth with all your heart, (subconscious) body, and Soul (present moment)? Are you ready to keep your mind still, intuitively receptive, and quiescent in order to be led by Spirit rather than mind? Are you ready to be present in the now - your Soul as opposed to thought? For when thinking goes, so does your story. So does your false persona. All your memories, all your ideals of and for the future. Yesterday, tomorrow, - gone. So does your idea of what you believe is your existence.

Once you surrender to life, to your true Self, the story of the ego dies, and life is taken up by one's true Self. You (as the mind only) witness the story - you don't create it - at least not until you realize your true Self as the creator. As the Life or the Spirit of All. The only thing you as a mind can create, is a mess - a distortion to the reality of your being. The world in is present state is testimony to this. Understand the mind reveals the truth, it does not create it.

Until then you won't know free will. Free will insinuates a high level of consciousness (Spirit) being awareness (Soul). Most people not conscious of their spirit (superconscious), nor their subconscious (the portion of Soul they have dominion over) or of the present moment being their true and full body. Therefore, with people being literally three quarters unconscious (at best) it only follows, one's life is going to be shockingly or surprisingly deterministic. One does not have free will until they are free from being subject to the egoic mind and all its desires. Once you are, well then - the game changes.

However, until that time, as I have already pointed out, it takes great sacrifice. One must sacrifice their egoic existence, their own personal story, all their personal dreams and desires, as well as all the thoughts that plague us. When one dies of the personal, they are born again of the impersonal or as commonly put, one dies to themselves and are born again of Spirit. Not an easy ask or task. The death of the ego is usually quite tragic and often very painful. Disillusionment with oneself, must precede enlightenment. Very few people wake from a 'wonderful dream'. No - it generally takes a nightmare to wake us up.

Being still means being mentally still. The aim is to be in meditation at least ninety percent of the time aka to pray without ceasing. To be intuitively, instinctively, and serendipitously led or guided always in all ways by Spirit, rather than the mind. When thought is given, rather than taken, it is of quite a different quality. Thinking is most definitely different to knowing. To give an example of this difference, consider two scenarios; in one you have no idea how to do a certain task so must think think think, with great effort how to do it by researching etc. In another scenario, you are asked to do a task that you have done a hundred times before - in fact so often you just know what to do without thinking. This is the difference. The mind is limited. Spirit is omniscient - all-knowing.

Remember the definition of meditation is no mind or no thinking. It is to hold ONE thought as thought. For one thought (As opposed to two or three which is thinking) is the same thing in affect as Awareness (soul) that is all knowing. There is no mind when it is still, like there are no waves when the sea is still. When the mind is still, it embodies the Soul.

So here we are - are you ready to give up all thoughts? The good, the bad and the ugly? Are you willing to give up your idea of truth for the actual Truth itself? Are you willing to give up your own personal story for the impersonal love of The Now? Are you willing to surrender and sacrifice your illusion of truth for your true Self's story and the true purpose of Spirit? Are you really ready to get real with your Self?

~ Tracy Pierce

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