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There is a lot of confusion regarding what ego is, so let us be clear about what it REALLY is today and be done with it.

The ego or false sense of self is formed when the conscious mind assumes it is the true Self while unconscious of itself as Spirit. It therefore, identifies as form - as a mind and body, rather than the formless one that fills the mind and body. This in turn prompts the mind to create a life for itself with thought, rather than revealing the life already created by Thy Self as Spirit. The light of Spirit that shines through the mind is unfortunately put through a filter of thoughts created by the egoic mind, which in turn distorts, delays, and destroys the pure manifestations and demonstrations of Spirit working through the mind. This gives rise to false physical images such as disease, lack and limitation. This would not happen in the being mind that is clear of all thought will being in a state of pure quiescence that is open to the intuition of Spirit guiding it.

Remember always that the minds job is not to create life but to reveal it. While you are identifying as the mind, you must surrender the thinking mind for the being mind. Only then can you know Thy Self as Spirit. The Holy Ghost cannot enter a temple that is full of egoic thoughts.

When one is born, one is born as the vessel of Spirit (I) being Soul (Am). The conscious mind is the vessel for Spirit or Consciousness and the subconscious is the incarnating vessel of Soul. Our sense of I am-ness, when born is not our true Self but derived from the I am-ness of the vessel created to carry the formlessness of ourselves as Spirit into the physical. These vessels are in time filled with the Holy Ghost aka Intuition when one is realized. When one is not realized, one fills the mind with thoughts that inhibit the flow of Spirit being Soul.

Thinking veils, the beingness of one's Spiritual life the way clouds veil the sun, preventing growth in the physical.

When one identifies with thought otherwise known as mind it is called egoic. Mind and thought are one and the same thing. Mind in its natural state of being is a singular thought. In the Zen or Chris mind, it stays singular allowing Spirit to act upon and through it. In the egoic mind it rises out of the temple (Present Moment Awareness) and into copious thoughts that give rise to illusion.

These egoic thoughts go on to create concepts, ideas, memories, and beliefs that we store in the physical brain, which amount to a 'life' story of 'who' they are, creating a persona that is quite fictional. All these stored thoughts create a false and separate identity to the true Self as Spirit being one of many. The egoic mind claims itself as form rather than the formlessness of Spirit and thereby fears the end of its existence for all form - all effect changes. Transformation is the only constant about the physical and mental dimensions. They don't die, they change form. However, the ego equates this change with death as it believes its true Self to be this form. If it knew itself beyond form as the Causeless Cause it would not bother itself with the ever-changing forms of effect. It would be just a matter of changing costumes.

The false persona lives in thought ONLY. The true Self: Consciousness or Spirit always lives in the Now outside of thinking. Not outside the mind as a singular thought but outside the thinking mind that has risen outside the temple of Now.

~ Tracy Pierce

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