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The True Self can never be known by the thinking mind, for the simple reason our true Self, aka Consciousness, has no form, therefore is beyond the thinking minds limited ability to grasp with the five senses. Moreover, thinking must cease before the state of one's true Being is known. You cannot be present in the act of thinking and Spirit at the same time. If you are present in thinking, then you are absent in The Now.

This is because the mind is consciousness and consciousness is either given to creating thought or given to revealing Soul which is Awareness. Awareness is not an object so it is not something you can find with the senses. For example, the eyeball cannot know itself in a mirrorless world. It cannot ever see itself; it can only be itself. If it equated its existence to seeing form, then it would not realize its own existence. It would look for itself everywhere and not find itself. Likewise, the thinking mind can only know the demonstration/manifestation of form. The being mind can know itself beyond form. When Consciousness is given to Soul - to Awareness, one's consciousness of mind is held still to marinate within itself, ever expanding into deeper dimensions of being revealing one's true and full Consciousness beyond the personal. When consciousness is given to thought, it rises into the mental realm as opposed to the Spiritual realm, going nowhere but chasing its own illusionary tail.

The sensory mind can only know form. If an existence of any type has no form, (such as consciousness) then to the mind unaware, it simply does not exist.

However, a lack of consciousness, does not mean something does not exist or that it is not real. It simply means the mind is not able to detect this existence due to its limited sensory input and parameters. This is clearly demonstrated throughout history. Electrons, neutrons, and quarks have always existed; we simply were not conscious of them until recently.

It is not with the senses the true Self is known. It is not known even with one's own understanding as Mind Consciousness. It is with the inner "I" of ones being that the true Self is known. The same "I" you use to create thought with. Once you stop actively taking thought and settle down into holding yourself still as one thought, your consciousness will expand into a deeper and fuller dimension of consciousness within itself that heretofore was unknown to you as a thinker.

~ Tracy Pierce

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