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One's sense of existence experienced as 'I am' is either used to receive intuitive knowledge from one's true Self as Spirit

or alternatively..

This "I am-ness' of yours can be used to create knowledge from a mind that is ignorant of its true Self as Spirit.

The Being mind lives by the tree of Life while the Thinking mind lives by the tree of knowledge outside of life while inside of illusion.

Claircognizance is "Clear Knowing". It is 'clear' as there are no thoughts there to cloud the giving of this intuition as it enters the mind. One just has a knowing about things. For many strong in this gift it feels like knowledge pours into the top of their heads or pours out of the chest area.

There is also...

Clairaudience "Clear Hearing"

Hearing information akin to your own voice in your mind.

Clairvoyance "Clear Seeing"

Seeing images within the mind

Clairsentient "Clear Feeling"

Feeling the truth of what is right and wrong within the chest.

I am that I am - I am Spirit that I am mind.

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