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The mind is one organ even though we differentiate it in various ways. The Conscious Mind (I) and the Subconscious Mind (Am) or alternatively the 'Mind' (Subconscious Mind/Desire), the intellect (Conscious Mind/Ego). We identify without thoughts (Conscious Mind) causing a false sense of Self called Ego which is driven by the desire mind (Subconscious). The mind is always being pulled or pushed between pleasure and repulsion to varying degrees.

It is important not to use the Intellect to define and discern what is true while in its Egoic state. When the Conscious Mind is in its egoic state and unconscious of its true intelligence as Spirit, it is incapable of using its intelligence beyond the personal sense. Having not realized the true Self (Spiritual Consciousness) which is impersonal, it is cut off from it like a branch from the vine, therefore incapable of seeing the big picture, that takes into account all factors. As a result, the ego mind (Intellect) becomes irrational, illogical, and prone to cognitive dissonance while blind to being all three.

You do not want thought or the Conscious Mind to project itself outward but to stay within the heart Aka Subconscious, so that it is guided by Brahman living through the realized Atman.

The Mind, the Intellect, the Ego, the desire Mind etc must come together as one, which can only happen after the mind has been purified and tempered in relation to Karmic tendencies called Vasana's. If the desire Mind, (Subconscious) which holds these tendencies is not at peace with itself emotionally, it will cause the Conscious Mind (Intellect) to rise in egoic thoughts Aka False images, which feed back into the Subconscious (Desire Mind) causing more Karmic Tendencies called Vasana's causing a negative feedback loop to ensue.

What caused Atman, (I am) which is a projection of Brahman (I AM) to identify with form known as Mind Aka the 5 sheaths or koshas, was the fall from Grace. The forward projection or momentum of Atman within and as the Undifferentiated true Soul Aka 6th Sheath (Which is not actually a sheath due to being the pure activity of Brahman (I)), is what caused Atman to fall into Maya which of course create Mind Aka universe to appear. The Soul Aka Shakti is known as 'the Undifferentiated which is the basis for the Casual Body of Bliss - the 1st Sheath which then gives rise to the following Sheaths. You could if you like, liken This Undifferentiated force to the true Soul which is the activity of Brahman. Together they are the true Self - 'I Am'. Together they create and house Atman which in his ignorance brings forth the Mind/Universe.

To reiterate and make clear, the forward projection of Brahman as Atman, within its own Self as the Undifferentiated Soul causes the three Guna's to appear which are responsible for our ignorance or self-forgetfulness as Atman (Spirit or projection of Brahman) therefore, the creation of Mind.

The Soul, Aka unmanifest activity or AM of Brahman (I) holds within and as itself the three Guna's known as tamas (stability) which causes Atman to experience Sleep, in turn veiling itself as Brahman. Its colour is black and its quality inertia. When coupled with Raja's being red, it is responsible for all rebirths due to its ignorance. Rajas which whose colour is red, is the original projection or cause of all activity from which arise mental modifications such as desires and sorrows such as grasping, hatred, anger, pride and egotism due to the forward projection and creation of Mind. Coupled with Tamas, they block out the light of Sattva which I will come to net. Sattva (consciousness) whose colour is white. The Self shines through Sattva to formulate the Subtle body, which is the 1st Sheath of the Mind Aka Bliss Sheath. If Sattva is mixed with the ignorance of Tamas and Rajas, (through projection and inertia) the pure white light of this Sheath becomes murky which defiles the following sheaths. As we temper and purify the 5 sheaths, the pure bright light of the 5th sheath allows for Atman being Brahman to shine through all 5 sheaths blessing the world.

In order to realize the Self we must inject ourselves into Brahman again, which is the opposite force of 'projection. This means holding a still mind that is pure.

*As a side note, bear in mind Grace (Alignment of Brahman) is the force that brings us back home to ourselves.

All attributes of the 5 Sheaths must be purified and turned inwards to focus on Atman rather than the outside world. For example, the life breath becomes prana, apana, vyana, udana, samana. The group of five elements [ether, fire, water, air, earth], the group of five organs of knowledge [ears, eyes, skin, nose, tongue], the group of five organs of action [vocal organs, hands, feet, anus, genitals], the group of five vital airs [prana, apana, vyana, udana, samana], the group of four internal organs [chitta, manas, buddhi, ahankara], all these together compose the subtle body called the city of eight constituents and must all be purified by turning inwards rather than outwards. All these must be purified through Sattva which negates Rajas and Tamas, bringing them to their most purified state.

This is done by:

1. Discrimination between the Real and the unreal.

2. Disinclination to enjoy the fruits of one’s actions either in this or in any further life.

3. The six virtues of tranquillity, self-control, withdrawal, forbearance, faith and concentration of the Self.

4. Intense yearning for liberation.

5. Practicing mindfulness and meditation which brings about the above 4 qualifiers for Self-Realization. Just being in the moment is all that is needed to slow the mind down enough to increase its awareness of itself for it is only by knowing Thy self that we allow our mind to fall into our heart which is another way of saying to look inward rather than outward. This is the key, the direction we look. When we look outwards the thinking mind and all the world comes into operation. When we look inwards, we find our true Self as Atman being Brahman - the true Self.

By practicing these disciplines one can separate the three Guna – leaving Sattva pure and white, devoid of the murkiness that comes from Tamas and Rajas – action and inaction (projection).

To conclude and summarize, "Be still and know that I am" (Psalm 46:10) for it is the forward mental motion that keeps one in bondage.

And "I am (Brahman) that I am (Atman)" - Exodus 3:7–8. It is Atman projecting forward that brings on Maya. When Atman is still, Brahman is unveiled.

~ Tracy Pierce

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