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Animals are no different to us. They are an expression of the ONE. They are a manifestation of the Soul both before and after the fall, meaning, like us, they are projections of the true Self, that rises and falls within and as the One.

The only difference being is they are directed always in all ways by the true Self through the true Mind, the Christ or Buddha Mind. The are only vicious when mistreated through the ignorance of the Ego.

It is impossible not to be united with all you believe you have lost in this life, for we are all ONE. What falls from Grace, also rises in it. Any form is eternal if the desire to manifest again is there.

You will be reunited with your loved ones whether they are human or animal. Love is the law - the very cornerstone of all Truth. You know in your heart this is true. It cannot be otherwise.

Love will always answer a call for love, for love is a giver, not a taker. If your need is to be held or to hold your loved ones, the call will be answered.

~ Love Tracy

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