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By keeping the heart Aka Subconscious or Human Soul open, the Conscious Mind (That which we think with) cannot condition it, for the heart anchors us in a state of Being Now.

Be in the moment as deeply and profound as you possibly can. Forget all conditions and expectations for it or for the day ahead. Stay right where you are and accept the moment for what it is without forming a like or dislike for it. For that is the Ego - it is always pulling at us - pulling us towards something or repelling us away from something. Disregard it - it will lead you astray.

At the same time, open your heart as in mentally open your chest area in anticipation of receiving intuitive guidance. Do not stretch (move) the mind in active listening. Rather let it be like a door you have left open in your heart, knowing eventually the truth will walk through it. Be vigilant while present as the Present Moment.

You will be led by an awareness - a claircognizance that is different to thinking. You will be 'aware' of how to proceed in any given moment. This awareness feels like an awareness of knowing you live in your country, an awareness of knowing you are breathing. An awareness of knowing you should take this route instead of another, even if you cannot reason it. It will not be something you need to think about in order to arrive at a principle of knowledge. Knowing Aka Faith is fluent, flowing and not easy for the thinking Mind Aka Ego to comprehend. It is like sand, hard to grasp with the thinking mind. If you do it will fall through your hand, and you will lose it.

Keep practicing this and Self-realization will eventually dawn on you as sure as the sun rises every morning.

~ Love Tracy

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