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The spiritual aspirant must be able to live effectively in the world, meeting all human responsibilities, while retaining an inner calm and balance in an often chaotic world. One must keep an inner area of consciousness devoted primarily to spiritual attainment, open only to spiritual impulse, intuition & instinct that sees the world responding with serendipity & synchronicity. In other words, one must create life through staying deeply present, from the inside out rather than recreating life from the outside in.

Therefore, how one holds and uses the mind, is of utmost importance. The conscious mind must attend the awareness of both the present moment and the subconscious mind which is basically the same thing. In other words, the mind must always in all ways be in and as Present Moment Awareness.

Relaxed attention leads to freedom and a flow of life. Tensed attention leads to suffering, disease, and death.

Likewise, with awareness - Identifying and being aware of Self as Soul brings forth the spiritual dimension of being an experiential sense of eternity and infinity, for this is the nature of spirit. This is your true Self. This is reality. You are beyond words and description so I will leave it at that.

Identifying as mind only brings forth separation and duality for the mind which is effect is created. It is not a creator (Cause) therefore is limited to time and space. It has a beginning and end date like all physical objects that transform over time. It is transient - ever changing.

Creating from spirit is creating from first cause - a place where there are no limits or division/differentiation of Consciousness. All is One. All is and has Life. The mind that is still and unrisen in thought, is thought through or impressed upon by Spirit with true images that come forth imbued with Faith - a knowing, that at times is analysed and processed for the lower subconscious to react to emotionally and made manifest by the body into the body of the world.

In using the mind (effect) to create via thinking, is using effect to create effect, rather than Cause (Spirit) creating effect. When the mind does this it is creating false images which have no life of their own due to being created by mind rather than Spirit. Thoughts inspired by mind are called false images that give birth to false physical effects such as disease and poverty. Even if one focuses on only the good, sooner or later the bad will come forth for the realms of effect operate within a polarized system that ever balances and harmonizes itself. The only way for a mind to know good is to compare it to bad, therefore both images are held in mind. One needs to opt out of the mental realm altogether where everything is dual and rise above to where everything is One in Spirit. Only then can we escape the karmic consequences of mentalism.

Can you see the difference in creation due to what you experientially identify as? Can you see the limitations of mind? The infinity of Spirit and their differing creations?

The mind ignorant of itself as Spirit is trying to create life via the thinking mind which takes from the mental realm of duality and limitation. The mind that knows itself as Spirit rests in Present Moment Awareness guided by intuition and serendipitous synchronicity. The Spiritual mind does not create life but reveals it.

Spirit creates from and as cause. The mind creates from and as Effect. One acts and while the other reacts. One is limited and the other unlimited. Each gives birth to its own particular fruit. Spirit is always in all ways good and pure and One. Mind is both good and bad, impure, and dual.

Can you also discern the difference between attention and awareness? Attention is a faculty of the conscious mind aka thought, and representative of Spiritual intelligence. It is thought that must remain single (meditative) in order to serve its true Self as Spiritual Consciousness. This thought being the vessel of Spirit remains empty for the most part until realization in which the Holy Ghost (intuition) descends and guides us. Attention - your presence of Being is what you want to attend to your awareness subconsciously. Your subconscious is your incarnate soul-mind. It is the part of the Soul aka Love, that you have personal dominion over due to your awareness level. Everyone's subconscious collectively constitutes the fullness of the ONE Soul. This means the present moment is the vessel for the One Soul that is made up of everyone's subconscious collectively. All is mind.

Just as Soul (Awareness) is the activity of Spirit (Consciousness) so is the subconscious the activity of the conscious mind, throughout all its incarnations. One's conscious attention must marry the awareness of the subconscious in order to become a channel for the true Self (Soul - Am) being Spirit - I).

I Spirit Am Soul that I conscious mind am subconscious mind. I am that I am.

Attention (Spirit) and Awareness (Soul), though similar in nature live at different depths of your being you might say and must be kept in alignment and balance least your spiritual vision be blurred, lost or limited. Remember Awareness is the activity or body of Consciousness. They must remain as One.

Practice these states of consciousness. Practice being attentive and then be aware. Notice the differences between the two. Notice the feelings found in the depth of your awareness or Soul. Feel the sharpness and power of your attention in Spirit. Now combine them in meditation for that is what meditation is. A wholeness of being that is open to Spirit while resting in the moment. Meditation is an alert awareness or relaxed attention.

One's conscious mind must REST as a single motionless, one-pointed thought that is unrisen, while living in the moment. This aligns the conscious mind with the awareness of the Incarnate Soul which lives in the One Soul. One must be able to experience the world through the senses while synonymously keeping one's sense of presence or awareness (soul or heart) in the spiritual world. This is being in the world but not of it. This is BEING Present as Presence.

It's sort of like leaving an intuitive door open inwardly that allows for direction to come to mind while present within the sense experience of the moment. It allows for an open flow of Spirit to the mind & body that transforms into present moment. The fullness thereof. No division of energy. A wholeness of being. A total alignment.

Close that intuitive door and the mind instantly reverts back to its egoic state whereby it starts to create life with thought rather than reveal it through aligning with Spirit. The flow of chi is lost along with one's health and wellbeing. Not to mention one's connection with the rest of the world for only our Source/Cause connects us. The mind becomes almost parasitic in nature. Unnatural. An abomination, for instead of seeking power from within it seeks power in other people animals and things of the world.

Bear in mind also, there are many different levels and dimensions of consciousness. Much more than simply spoken of here. In this life alone you experience some of them. Consciousness changes when we sleep, when we meditate, when we are in a coma, when we are awake, when we are realized, when we are under the influence of a drugs etc. One consciousness reflects the total awareness of the incarnate soul at its level of evolution. The more aware we are - the more conscious we are. Though Sprit creates Soul, it is Soul that creates mind. Effect is a reflection of Cause so like a mirror it is backwards.

In the Christ consciousness or Zen state or in the Zone if you want to call it that, one can one can never again be disturbed by the outer world, as their heart or soul (conscious awareness of existence) is anchored in the inner world of Truth/Spirit which is above the law of mind and body having dominion over both. It doesn't matter what one is consciously attending to in the outer world, one's mind is always kept in perfect peace as it sits in the seat of the soul beyond the influence of the mind and body which are its subjects and which it acts upon rather than reacts too.

~ Tracy Pierce

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