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The Conscious Mind as an instrument or focal point of the Christ or Buddha Mind, so to speak projects itself as the Human Soul Aka Subconscious into and as, what we call the Present Moment. This is why many sages call the body a thought in the Mind of the true Self and why they urge us to be present not only IN the moment as the Alpha (Formless) but as the moment being the Omega (Form).

The Christ or Buddha mind sits within the womb of the One Unmanifest Soul (AM) which is the unmanifest activity of the One Spirit (I). Therefore, one's Subconscious Aka Human soul is a product of the Christ Mind living within the true Self as I AM. The Christ Mind is a pure reflection and witness to the Father/Mother (I AM) Aka true Self. However, if the individual Mind within the One Mind of Christ or Buddha, becomes inverted, or has not realized the true Mind, it will project false images onto the Subconscious and world as an Ego. An Ego being one that is unconscious of themselves as the true Self due to being unable to hold the Christ or Buddha Mind. The Ego then projects the personal (in ignorance of its true Impersonal Self) self onto the body and the body of the world. Hence why we all suffer individually and collectively.

We will keep projecting this Ego, this personal Self onto the body and the body of the world until we learn not to through suffering our false images in the physical. Once we have suffered enough and turned within, we begin to unveil the veiled.

The true demonstration and manifestation of Spirit is of course sabotaged by the egoic minds efforts to create life personally rather than reveal it from One's true Impersonal Self as Spiritual Consciousness. Until the egoic mind learns to hold the Christ or Buddha mind it will always be working in opposition to its true Self due to a lack of Spiritual Consciousness called ignorance. This is why we must hold a meditative mind that prevents the formation of false images (Uninspired thought) that distort and delay the revelation of our Spiritual being, while simultaneously intuiting guidance consciously from our true Self beyond Mind.

If the Mind is present in itself Aka its own thoughts, then it is not present in its own temple of Awareness (Subconscious/Human Soul) to receive the gifts of Spirit. The conscious mind cannot serve two masters at once. It is either attending (Giving attention to) itself or its true Self as Spirit that imbues the Subconscious intuitively. If the Conscious Mind is not in its Temple, it will be unconscious of any intuition given - it will be unconscious of itself Spiritually for the Subconscious is the door and Temple to the Spiritual Realm due to always in all ways being the Present Moment.

This is why many a guru will tell you to trust life Aka the Present Moment. In reality life is the true Self shining through the Christ Mind the totality of your true Being which is manifested through the Subconscious. This is why you do not have to consciously breath or digest your food etc. Your true Self is taking care of all that. You as the Conscious Mind are merely the witness that amplifies and gives life to Life beyond the physical. You are simply not conscious enough to experientially realize this yet.

It is clear then that your salvation and hope for a better life lies in becoming more conscious of yourself as Awareness - as Soul for it only through the conscious awareness of being Soul Aka Present Moment that the Consciousness of Mind meets and merges with the Consciousness of Spirit. Both I's come together as One through their respective Am's Aka Souls - which as I said, is the Present Moment itself.

The Conscious mind, the Son or focal point of Consciousness is merely the witness to life unfolding. The true mind reveals the truth, it does not create it. The Alpha or Spirit within the Omega (form) has confused its Spiritual Consciousness with the Consciousness of Mind. Realization of the Self whereby the Alpha realizes it is not the Omega but the Alpha (Sprit) projecting itself into the Omega (form) happen when the mind has been tempered, purified and made into the perfect instrument over many lifetimes, so that it perfectly reflects the true Self. This allows the Alpha to recognize and remember its true state of Non-Being within the Being state Aka Omega or Mind.

Though the father (Spirit) and mother (Soul) are formless - non conceptual and undifferentiated, the son (Mind) is not. The Son Aka Mind or Omega is differentiated and absolutely conceptual. The son must lose his body consciousness (I am) in order to embrace the fullness of his true Consciousness as the Mother and Father (I AM), and this is done through meditation and mindfulness that stills the thoughts of the Conscious Mind so completely that one’s Consciousness, instead of rising in thought, starts to expand into its own Awareness instead. When I say Awareness, I mean its own Soul (Mother) that of course leads to the father. Just as the babe in the womb knows his mother before his father.

Note the biblical quote tied to this text mention her and not him. Meaning Spirit is within Awareness (soul) and she will not fail to produce what consciousness directs. The Son cannot direct her if he has no consciousness of her. He may only direct that which he is conscious of which is the Subconscious.

But I want you to understand that the head of every man (mind) is Christ, the head of a wife (Subconscious) is her husband (Conscious mind that is Christ [not ego]) and the head of Christ is God - 1 Corinthians 11:3

Let a woman (Subconscious/Human Soul) learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman (Subconscious/Human Soul) to teach or to exercise authority over a man (Conscious mind in its true Christ or Buddha state); rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam (Christ or Buddha Consciousness) was formed first, then Eve; (Human Soul) and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. (She, the Subconscious, - not true Soul, was deceived by the egoic mind [Snake] that pretends to be Adam and produced its offspring, false images Aka Egoic thoughts). Yet she will be saved through childbearing (The birth of the Christ mind and death of the ego - always the first thought) if they continue in faith (intuition or knowing) and love (Soul) and holiness (Spirit), with self-control. (Meditation – Self -Abidance). - 1 Timothy 2:11-15

~ Love Tracy

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