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You got to start getting romantic with life. With each and every moment. You have to get up close and personal - intimate in the Now. The Now is more than just a measurement of time. It is your very own Soul. You got to love every minute of your being. You got to give your heart to every moment you are in, being as present as you are consciously able. One must keep their mind always with the body holding a conscious or present awareness of what happening moment by moment, outside of its thoughts. I say outside of thinking as the conscious mind cannot be in two places at once. It is either in its own thoughts or it is in its own Soul aka the present moment.

This is the way back to your 'Self'. It is the only sure way to keep your conscious mind, your experience of Spirit, on and in the NOW. The mind is used to being super busy thinking. It's going to get seriously bored if it has to stay in one place if its other half or its heart is not there. So, understand now, that is the secret perfecting meditation. The conscious (thought) and subconscious (emotion) must be together as One. If you were somewhere with someone you have always wanted to spend time with - you are going to be absolutely present - guaranteed. Imagine you are with your lover right now - would you not be deeply present? Would not your whole being, be there? Would not your mind and heart be with your body in that very moment? This is the level of commitment needed for self-realization.

“And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, (subconscious) and with all thy soul, (present moment) and with all thy mind,(Spirit or thought) and with all thy strength; (body) this is the first commandment" - Mark 12:30-31.

The mind cannot be at peace if its emotional body has not been healed of its fallacious emotional habits and core beliefs, left over from the egoic state of mind. It must be healed by firstly becoming conscious of feelings and emotions one has suppressed due to the pain of experiencing them. True meditation cannot take place until the two minds work as one. This is the beginning of our meditative practice. The mind follows the heart everywhere. The heart seeks direction in thought and thought seeks fulfilment of the heart. Where the (Subconscious Awareness) female aspect of mind goes, he - the male aspect of mind (consciousness) is sure to follow. This is the secret to meditation. One must come to love it or the mind will not stay put and will become lost in its own thoughts of love rather than love itself.

Together the conscious and subconscious minds are whole and a perfect channel that rests in the peace of Soul, the present moment, awaiting tuition from within. The present moment is the portal if you like to other dimensions. Once we have pulled ourselves together as the Son, mind or Incarnating Spirit, we met our own Soul through present moment Awareness. Our consciousness begins to expand realizing deeper dimensions of being. Once again, the Spirit comes together as One with the Soul as it expands more inwards becoming more conscious of its own Awareness, its own Soul that is one with all other Spiritual beings. Can you see how the male and female aspects of being multidimensionally are aligning through coming together as One?

With this understanding, therefore, consciously keep your mind, (Attention) heart, (Awareness) and body - all aspects of your being, in the moment - which is also your being. Keeping a deep conscious awareness of being or presence, will guide you intuitively. Awareness is all knowing so understand that when you are one with the awareness of the now, so are you - You are also All knowing. The mind is limited but the Spirit is omniscient. Omniscient means all-knowing. This is your Soul; this is your true Self that is embodied by your true Spirit.

When you come home to yourself - in that moment, you understand the flow of now. You don't create each moment, rather, as mind you reveal it. It unfolds from within you, until one day, you stop being present in the moment and become the presence of it. Synchronicity, serendipity, bliss -and joy - are all the fruits of Spirit. Spirit that is aligned with all aspects of being NOW. Life lives itself once you take the 'personal' out of it. Once you stop trying to create life with your mind, the mind instead will reveal it.

This is how you as reflected Consciousness, expands in awareness that in turn leads one to their true Intelligence, their true Consciousness that embodies the Soul aka Awareness. You fall in love with being in the moment just as it is, just as you are, no matter what anyone thinks, including yourself.

Treat the moment as you would your most cherished lover; be fully present, without conditions or expectations of perfection. Just happy to share the Now - whatever it is - with him or her. This is how you love. This is how you live.

"No matter where you go or what you do, be in love" – Rumi

~ Tracy Pierce

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