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Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Faith is knowing. It is a faculty or vehicle of the Soul that is directed by Spirit.

One is said to be under Grace when one is fully aligned with all aspects of being multidimensionally aligned within the Now.

The pearl of great price which is a peace that passes all understanding when living by Faith under grace. One's true nature as Spirit being Soul is a contented and gentle bliss

This nature is demonstrated or found in a being mind and lost in the thinking mind. The Being mind connects Consciousness (Spirit) and Awareness (Soul) while the thinking mind separates them. One's consciousness is either in thought or the awareness of the self and moment. It cannot be in two places at once.

Being is always deeply conscious or present in the now where the Soul aka Awareness always in all ways sits. While the conscious mind is present in the living temple of Now, it is absent in thought. While present in thought it is absent in the temple and unable to receive intuition. Spirit always works through the Soul. If we as Consciousness, are not present in our own temple - our own Soul then we are misaligned with all aspects of our being, working against our self rather than with it. A self we are not conscious of until we stop being distracted by thoughts, feelings and the things of the world. Only when our mind is still does the realization of a deeper dimension of our being come about.

Before realization - before the conscious mind realizes this deeper dimension of being we are aware of being conscious but not conscious of being Awareness. Consider this carefully and deeply and you will see that this is true. The conscious mind - our sense of existence, was conscious of itself and the thoughts and feelings it created, along with their manifestations, however it was not conscious of itself as Awareness - as Soul, as the presence of the present. Rather it was present IN the moment rather than being conscious of being the Presence of it. There was always a separation of being. After realization, the conscious mind is consciously AWARE of every dimension of ones being, which is demonstrated in the physical by serendipity, synchronicity and a peace that passes all understanding even in the most trying of times.

¬ Tracy Pierce

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