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Claircognizance is another word for Knowing or Faith. It is the voice of Spirit, spoken and received in the meditative silence of mind.

It is beyond feeling and beyond thinking. It is another faculty altogether. It is Knowing - Faith. For example, you do not feel you exist, nor do you think it. You know you do. You know without ever having or needing proof of your existence.

In fact proof of your existence is ontologically impossible. No one can prove their existence. No one can prove this life is not a dream. No one. It does not matter however, because even if it is a dream (And it is lol), you exist in it. You need no validation for your existence. You know I am and that is enough. This is claircognizance.

This is how I write. Words come to me without me ever having to think of them. I just 'know' what to write and write it. Often after having written a piece, I will sit back and be 'Oh I did not know that (Consciously) until I wrote it'. I know that sounds bizarre, but there you have it. Or there will be times people I do not know will come and speak to me and I will know everything about them such as their middle name and where they live. I never seek this information. It is just there. Moreover, this is not something I can as mind command to know. Knowing is visited upon me - never taken. In fact, it cannot be. All one can do and be is still and quiescent mentally - which is an invitation for communion - and then if it your time - union between mind and Spirit Aka Self Realization.

~ Tracy Pierce

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