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Drop the personal sense of self that does nothing but sabotage the impersonal Self aka the true Self. Drop identifying as mind/body and simply be what you are: Consciously aware: The alpha and the omega: omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, without differentiation. You are not form. You are the formlessness in form. The only way to experience this is with the being mind. The meditative mind.

The personal sense of self is a false persona created by thought/mind rising in and of itself, outside the temple of present moment awareness while it is inspired by Spirit intuitively.

If you identify as the mind and body then you are naturally going to live in fear your whole life, for as you know one day you will lose them, falsely believing that you will cease to exist.

This false persona aka ego is uninspired by Spirit, as egoic thought is always outside the temple of inspiration where it receives it. Instead, it is present in its own self-created thoughts. The conscious mind aka is the vessel for Consciousness/Spirit/True Self. If it is not present in its temple it will not be conscious of this dimension of itself, therefore not realize that it can be guided by its Inner Light. Nor will we as the conscious mind, be conscious of ourselves as Awareness, as Soul, as the present moment which we should be sitting in waiting for inspiration.

Obviously, the mind cannot create, demonstrate, or manifest that which it is not consciously aware of. The mind then creates in ignorance much like a cancer cell grows at the expense of the body.

We are consciously aware of ourselves as mind and body only and that is what we bring forth. We continually recycle the mental and physical realms of being for that is what we are consciously aware of. Not Spirit. We only know Spirit in theory and theory is not reality. We must know Spirit experientially if we are to bring it forth.

We must become conscious of being Awareness if we are ever to know ourselves experientially as Spirit. This can only be done with a being mind for the thinking mind cannot reside in the temple of the subconscious/present moment/Soul aka Awareness.

When one is present in the moment, outside of thought, the personal self - the doer - cannot exist. The ego dies and we are born again of Spirit which Life living itself.

Be as deeply present in the moment as you can then and know Thy Self.

~ Tracy Pierce

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